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Think a minute…Some time ago in Egypt, we learned of terrible attacks on foreign news reporters, including the horrific sexual assault of Lara Logan, a well-known female journalist from South Africa. In another instance, a reporter from the New York Times was kidnapped by the Taliban for 8 months, but was eventually able to escape. Of all the jobs in news and journalism, being a war correspondent is the most dangerous.

Young 25-year-old Leonard Spencer was a reporter for the London Morning Post. His assignment was the Boer War in South Africa. Leonard was riding a train to the frontlines of battle when suddenly there was a violent crash. The Boer army had ambushed this British train. During the shooting Leonard jumped out amidst the flying bullets and exploding shells to help clear the train tracks. Ironically, after the train’s getaway with many British soldiers saved, the one man left behind to face the enemy alone was this young newspaper reporter, Leonard Spencer. 

He was captured and put into the Pretoria prison, known for its maximum security and few escapes. Yet amazingly, young Leonard was able to break out of this famous fortress. However, there was still 300 miles of enemy territory through which he had to find his way to freedom. He walked alone for many days and nights, continually dodging enemy soldiers. Tired, hungry and thirsty, he finally reached a mining town and knocked on the door of the only British citizen living there. Leonard was then smuggled onto a train to the British consul and safety.  

What is surprising is that Leonard Spencer is not remembered for his bravery in the South African Boer War. For this young journalist who saved a train of British soldiers and escaped the enemy against all odds, continued to do the impossible for the rest of his life. We know him as Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, England’s brave and brilliant Prime Minister who helped save the free world from Adolf Hitler’s murderous, evil tyranny.  

Churchill decided from an early age what kind of character he would have that served others well throughout his lifetime. Our way of life and character starts with the choices we make now. If we have not chosen to do the right things in our daily life, we definitely will not choose to do them later when there is a greater risk and price to pay. Jesus is the only One Who can truly strengthen our willpower so we can start changing our heart and habits today. With His guidance and power, you can start living His way every day—no matter how much it costs you. Won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you for not living the way you know you should? Then ask Him to take charge of your heart and way of living every day. It is the only way you can  develop His character and courage to consistently do the right thing. Just think a minute...

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