Missing the Point

Think a minute…Remember the first people to ever fly an airplane? There were the Wright brothers, just a week before Christmas, 1903. They were so excited they sent an urgent telegram message to their sister which said:  “First flight in history today! Hope to be home for Christmas.” Their sister rushed to the local newspaper with the message. The next day, the newspaper headline read:  “Local Brothers to Be Home For Christmas.” Not one word was said about their flying! The newspaper editor had completely missed the point of the message:  for the first time in the history of the world, human beings could fly. 

Did you know another even bigger misunderstanding in history? It’s Christmas. How many of us celebrate Christmas every year? Yet we keep missing the point. We still have not gotten the message and understand what it means. This is all the more surprising since the life of Jesus Christ is the turning point of all history. The world’s calendar is based on His birth. No one in history has ever been announced hundreds of years before he was born. No one else ever died and was buried for 3 days, then brought Himself back to life. This is because no other man, religious teacher or prophet was God Himself. Only this one man Jesus Christ.

“If you’ve seen Me, you’ve seen God the Father, because I am God the Son. And I will come again to judge this world and whomever has chosen not to believe me and ask for my gift of forgiveness and eternal life.” Friend, what we decide and do with Jesus Christ in this life now, decides what Jesus must do with us after we die. So I hope you now understand the point and meaning of Christmas. That God loves us so much, He humiliated Himself to become a human being named Jesus Christ and die for our sins, so we could be forgiven and free to start life all over again. Only this time, we’ll be living our Maker’s way, which is the right way that always works. The choice is yours. Just Think a Minute…  

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