Recognizing royalty

Think a minute…Successful country singer Lonzo Green was visiting his relatives. His teenage nephew Jim and all his friends gathered in Jim’s house to meet his famous uncle.

But there was one quiet 15-year-old boy whom Jim’s parents would not allow to come inside their house. Just because this kid was poor, they treated him as an inferior, lower-class person, even calling him “white trash.” 

When Jim told Uncle Lonzo that this boy outside had a guitar but did not know how to tune it, Lonzo gladly offered to show the boy how. Since he was not allowed inside the house, they arranged to meet outside by the street.  

It was obvious to Lonzo that this teenage boy was embarrassed and felt out of place in this upper class neighborhood. The boy’s guitar was old, cheap, and hung around his neck with just a piece of string.

After Lonzo showed the shy teenager how to tune his guitar, he offered to teach him some songs. The boy was so surprised and happy that Lonzo would spend two whole hours playing and singing with him, he started feeling confident in his own ability to play and sing. 

Lonzo never met that boy again, at least not face to face. For that same boy who was not allowed to come inside the house, became the King of Rock n’ Roll: Elvis Presley. 

There is a similar true story about another king who was not allowed to come inside people’s homes and hearts. In fact, He is the King of all kings. Yet even though He is the Maker of the universe, He chose 2,000 years ago to humiliate Himself by becoming a human being born into a poor, working-class family.

Most people did not even recognize Him. In fact, not only was He rejected by His own people then, but by most of us today. 

Remember, Jesus never said He was only a great man, teacher, or prophet. He absolutely claimed that He is God Himself. God the Son Who came to save us, and will also come again to judge the entire world for all of our wrong, sinful living.

So either Jesus is a liar, a lunatic, or the Lord of everyone, whom He clearly proved to be. No other religious leader in history claimed to be God, except Jesus.

He desperately wants to forgive us for all our wrongs, so He can give us His full and everlasting life. He has done everything He possibly can, to the point of sacrificing His own life for our sins, to make the way for us to come home to Him. But it is our choice. 

Will you recognize your King today? Won’t you ask Him to forgive you and take full charge of every area of your life? Until you do, you can never have His true, full life of love, satisfaction, and peace of mind He created you to have now and forever.

Remember, Jesus Himself said that if you refuse to recognize Him daily as your personal Lord now, by free choice, you will be forced to later after it’s too late.

Then you will suffer everlasting separation from Him and His true family of followers who chose to wholeheartedly love and live for Him. His loving patience is waiting as long as He possibly can. Won’t you make that choice today before it’s too late? Just think a minute…

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