Daddy’s little girl

Think a minute…Someone said: “A great man never loses his daughter’s heart.” Every daughter has the need and right to receive her father’s love and affection. 

Dad, one of the ways to build a close, trusting relationship with your daughter is to learn what she enjoys. 

Start spending time with her doing her favorite things, whether it is taking walks or listening to her favorite music. “Kids are usually happy to obey you when you’ve spent time with them.”

A father I know has a great relationship with his two daughters. 

From the time they were little girls he has always made time to be with them. Every week he takes his daughters to do something special that they enjoy. He regularly encourages them and builds up their self-confidence. 

Now they are strong, secure young women who never lower their standards of character and doing what is right. 

Of course, it is no surprise that they are close to their dad and ask him for advice on almost everything. 

Why? Because he has earned their trust and respect by giving them his time, attention, and affection through the years. 

It is a tragic fact that if your daughter does not get attention and affection from you the way she should—in a healthy, safe, and loving way—then she will look for it in other men who will not truly care about her. 

Sadly, “Some fathers are willing to give their daughters everything except their time.”

Dad, your daughter also needs to see you love and trust her mother. 

Your daughter needs to see you respect your wife’s abilities in helping you lead the family. 

Likewise, your daughter needs to see her mother daily love and respect you as a kind, honest man who leads your family with love and self-control. “The best way to correct your children is to correct your example for them.”

Remember, time flies and your little girl will soon be a grown woman before you know it. 

“Raising your daughter is like baking a cake: you don’t realize you have made a mess until it’s too late.” 

Won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you for your past mistakes as a dad, and to help you start changing so you can become the best father your daughter needs you to be? 

After all, being her dad is the life-changing job no one else in the world has but you. Just think a minute… 

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