The truth hurts

Think a minute…Henri Latour was the greatest detective in France during the 19th century. He was a mastermind at finding evidence and clues, then fitting it all together to find the criminal and bring him to justice. But mysteriously, this living legend’s career ended suddenly.

Detective Henri Latour was called to the scene of a horrific, violent crime. An elderly couple had been robbed and brutally murdered. The police had already arrested a suspect, but shortly after studying the crime scene and evidence, Latour’s instincts convinced him that the police had arrested the wrong man. Latour promised the heartbroken, grieving family that he would find the missing pieces of the puzzle and the vicious murderer.

So began what many have called the most brilliant tracking of a criminal in France’s history. Henri Latour carefully gathered all the evidence, one piece at a time, until he finally found his man and criminal. The newspapers praised Latour’s brilliant detective work and spread the news of his fame across France. But after solving this case, Latour suddenly retired and moved away. In fact, he lived alone for the remaining 25 years of his life. It was only after he died that the true identity of the last criminal whom Latour had tracked down was made known to the public. In his last case, Latour had refused to back down from the truth, even when his investigation revealed that the murderer was none other than Latour’s own son!

Sometimes the truth can be extremely painful. But sooner or later we each must face it, hopefully sooner rather than when it is too late. It is a fact of life that we each have done many wrong things: wrong thoughts, wrong words, wrong attitudes, wrong relationships, wrong behavior and habits. So we have separated ourselves from our Maker, God, Who is pure and perfect goodness. Until we truly feel the shame and guilt of our pride and sins against Him, and confess it to Him, our heart is not truly humble and open to receive His forgiveness and new life. Never forget, the price we pay of hurting our pride is nothing compared to losing our relationship and everlasting life with our loving Creator.

God Himself paid the penalty for all our sins with His death and resurrection, so we must sincerely and wholeheartedly ask Jesus to forgive us and change our heart and way of life. The truth of our sins hurts, but it also heals and restores us…if we repent and confess it to our only Rescuer and Lord, Jesus. That is the only way we can start changing to become the person He created each of us to be. Just think a minute…

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