You are an answer

Think a minute…There is a story about a man who walked along the beach every day. Along the way he picked up starfish and threw them back into the sea one-by-one. A little boy was watching him and said to the man: “Sir, why do you throw the starfish into the ocean?”  

The man said: “If I don’t, the hot sun will kill them.” The boy looked at the thousands of starfish scattered everywhere on the beach. He knew there were far too many for one person to save, so he said to the man: “You can’t save every starfish!” The man replied: “You’re right.” Then as he bent down and threw another starfish back into the sea, he said: “But I can save this one. And this one…” 

That reminds me of a woman who dreamt one day that she was talking with God. She was angry about all the suffering and evil she saw around her, so she complained to God and said: “Why don’t you do something about all this?” God gently replied: “I did. I created you.”

When bad things happen to people around us and we feel helpless, we can do one of two things:  We can complain and curse the darkness, or we can light a candle in the darkness by doing something to help change it. 

Someone said: “Great occasions for changing the world seldom come, but little ones surround us daily.” 

Many of us are in unhappy and painful situations, or we know somebody else who is. Could it be that God wants you to do something about it, since you see and care about the need? In fact, God is probably waiting for you to realize that you are a vital part of His answer to that person’s problem and pain. 

Ask Jesus to give you His love, strength, and wisdom to know when and how to help. Maybe He will start by changing your heart before He uses you to change that situation around you. 

That is often how God changes our heart and life, as He uses us to help change the lives of others. 

So we end up being a big part of His answer both to their problem and to ours. You and those around you will be changed, and so help change your part of the world. 

Just think a minute... 

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