Eternal security

Think a minute…Queen Victoria was one of England’s most popular rulers, with the Victorian era being named for her.

She was one of the richest, most powerful women in the world.

She owned many mansions and palaces, yet one of them was very mysterious, even haunting, and the one where she died.

It was called Osborne House. In fact, only Queen Victoria herself was allowed into the upper rooms of this mansion, since only she knew what was there. 

For 63 years Queen Victoria ruled England—the second longest ruling monarch in England’s history. It was a time of great industrial growth and prosperity for her nation. During her long reign England fought many wars around the world, yet through it all Queen Victoria held her empire and people together. 

Her happy marriage to Prince Albert produced 9 children. In fact, when Prince Albert died, Victoria grieved and dressed in black for so many years that she became known as The Widow of Windsor. 

Later, after Queen Victoria died, her son King Edward was the first to discover his mother’s secret in the upper rooms of Osborne House. 

He finally saw what had haunted and tormented his mother her whole life…and it deeply disappointed and disturbed him. It was his mother’s collection of hundreds of photographs that included 4 generations of family and friends. But the most shocking thing about these many photos was that all of them were of dead bodies photographed in their coffins.  

This queen, one of the most respected rulers in the world, feared her death so much that she tried to honor her dead family and friends to guarantee her own eternal life after death. The problem is that no human being, including your ancestors and dead family members, has the power to give you life after death. Only the One Who creates life has that power. 

That is why He became a human being to give us His everlasting life for us to enjoy with Him after we die. 

Today you need to ask God the Son to forgive you for all of your sins that have come from living your own way—not His. 

Then ask Him to take full charge of your heart and life every single day, so you will never again have to fear death—because you will finally know for certain that you are eternally secure and safe. 

Just think a minute… 

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