How to have it all!

Think a minute…There was a rich English Baron named Fitzgerald who had only 1 child, a son. Fitzgerald’s only son was the love and pride of his parents. But when the son was just a boy, his mother died. He and his father became even closer.

Meantime, Fitzgerald had become much richer. He collected very expensive, valuable paintings by the famous artists of the world. Then, just 2 years after losing his wife, Fitzgerald’s son became sick and died as a young boy.

Before Fitzgerald himself died years later, he carefully wrote his will and instructions on how his riches were to be handled. He wanted an auction to sell all of his valuable paintings. They were worth millions of dollars, so many rich people from all over Europe came to the auction.

Among all the valuable paintings, however, was 1 cheap, poor quality painting by an unknown local artist. It was a painting of Fitzgerald’s only son. Fitzgerald had ordered that this painting of his son be sold first before any of the other expensive paintings. Yet, because it was of such poor quality no one wanted to buy it. Finally, an old servant of Fitzgerald who had known the son and loved him offered to by the ugly painting for only a couple of dollars.

Then, before they continued to sell all the expensive, valuable paintings, the lawyer read out loud from Fitzgerald’s will. Fitzgerald had written:  “Whoever buys the painting of my son also gets everything else that I own. The auction is now over.”  That old servant who truly loved Fitzgerald’s son got everything! All of Fitzgerald’s valuable art, money, houses, land, the servant got it all!

Remember, God said that if we love and live for Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, then we also will become God’s children and have all that God has to give us. But you and I must choose to love Jesus and live His way every day, instead of our own way. Jesus said that’s the only way you and I can have it all.  So why not become God’s son or daughter today? Simply ask Jesus to take full charge of your heart and way of living, for the rest of your life.  Just Think a Minute…

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