Luck or love?

Think a minute…This is an amazing true story of love and luck, or what appears to be luck.

Terri wanted to buy her husband David something special for Christmas. Then in September she found exactly what she was looking for.

Unfortunately it cost more than she could afford on her husband’s salary as a policeman. Yet the gracious shopkeeper let her take it home that same day with the agreement that she would pay him whenever she could. So she gave it to her husband as an early Christmas present. 

About two weeks later Terri’s husband David was working the night shift when a call on his police radio reported a drugstore robbery. Officer Dave arrived just in time to see the robber’s car speeding away. Quickly he turned on the loud police siren on his car and chased after him.

It was not long before the criminal pulled over and Dave was walking up to the robber’s car to arrest him. Suddenly the thief threw open his door and shot Officer Dave in the stomach with a .45 caliber gun!

When Dave’s wife Terri heard the news that her policeman husband had been shot, she was grateful! You see, Christmas came early that year for David with the gift of life his wife could not wait to give him: his own bulletproof vest.

 Did you realize that your life has likely been saved a number of times that you didn’t even know about? You were not saved by luck, but by love. God loves you so much that He keeps giving you more time to get right with Him.  He keeps patiently waiting for you to truly love Him in return and start living His way every day, so you can be fully ready for your life to end. Remember: “No one gets out of life alive.” One hundred percent of everyone who lives dies.    

Why risk one more day? Earnestly ask Jesus to forgive you for living your own wrong way, and to take full charge of your daily way of life. With the Creator and Lord of life Himself in control, you will never need luck, because you will finally have the complete certainty and peace that you are living every day ready to die—including today.  Just think a minute…

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