Father's one wish for his children

By Adel Fruean 04 December 2021, 7:39PM

As the rain poured heavily on Saturday afternoon, all a father of two could do was wish for shelter from the downpour for his young children.

The family of Timoteo Ioelu has been living on their current property for many years which is situated on the west coast of Upolu Island.

However, they have only been living in a small shack built in traditional Samoan style with a coconut leaf-thatched roof held up by wooden posts. He used to live with his family in a home built near their current house but its condition has deteriorated. 

His home can only be accessed through an inland road but because their property is surrounded by a plantation, through which walking is required. 

Mr. Ioelu was looking after his two-year-old daughter and four-month-old infant when the Samoa Observer visited the family's premises.

Despite the heavy rain on Saturday, the father of two tried his best to stop the rain from getting inside their home using tarpaulin. He also used tarpaulin on the roof in a bid to stem the rain.

The father-of-two is employed but the money he earns cannot cover all their expenses and family needs.

When speaking to this newspaper, Mr. Ioelu said that his family faces many challenges but they are trying their best to get by every day.

“My only wish is to have a new home for the sake of my children,” he said. "I work to earn some money to help provide for our family's needs but I admit it cannot cover all expenses, we have many commitments and food for the children is one of the needs."

He also explained that they are blessed to have water supply but to date they do not have electricity supply.

“We recently got water supply but because we do not have electricity, at night times we use light sources that can be charged by placing them out in the sun to guide us in the dark. 

“Our plantation also serves as a food supply and at times we sell our crops to earn a living.”

The family uses an outdoor kitchen to do their daily cooking and also a shack built outside to store their plates and other utensils.

If you are willing to help Mr. Ioelu’s family he can be contacted on telephone: 7732296.


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By Adel Fruean 04 December 2021, 7:39PM
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