Palauli M.P. insists he has "divine cure" for coronavirus pandemic

Member of Parliament for Palauli West, Afoa Faleulu Mauli, insists that he has the "divine cure" for the deadly coronavirus, which has already affected 12.6 million people worldwide and killed over 500,000. 

But he would not reveal what the cure is saying his lawyer is working on sorting out what he described as the "legal process" before it could be made public.

Afoa made the claim when he visited the Samoa Observer to re-emphasise a point he had made during the recent Parliamentary session where he said the vaccine Scientists are working on to defeat the virus will not cure the pandemic. 

And if a vaccine is found, he said it is likely to take at least seven years because it needs to be tested on animals and trialled for safety.

In the meantime, Afoa said he has been thinking a lot about the impact of the virus and how it has hurt thousand of people in Samoa and millions around the world.

“I have the cure but I cannot tell you what it is," he said. "My lawyer is working on sorting out its legal process. The cure is a secret, it has to be discussed with the President of those countries and our Prime Minister so they can decide to accept it or not.”

The M.P. added he is trying to get in contact with the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and the President of China, Xi Jingping, and those from the region to discuss his claims.

Referring to the comments he made in Parliament, Afoa said virus is part of something a lot bigger.

“There is a war between the children of the light and the children of the darkness,” Afoa said in Parliament.

“The COVID-19 is caused by that war. Although it started from America it has affected everyone including Samoa. I want to talk about this matter because Samoa is affected by this disease and we need to find a cure for it and to prevent it.”

He said the children of the light, referring to Christians and Jesus Christ, are battling with what he called the children of darkness.

Afoa accepts that people would think he is crazy.

"But I'm telling the truth and will only speak about the truth," he said.

He said COVID-19 has been used to instil fear and hurt so many people unnecessarily, when the pandemic is a lot smaller than the Spanish flu and leprosy.

"There are research and studies into this virus and it's like the flu,” he said of Covid19.

Afoa said the cure for the common flu is Panadol and Amoxil and other drugs.  

“If you have the fever you get the wet towel to wrap around you and you will get better,” he said. “I had watched the TV news on the 7 million people affected around the world and those that recovered is 3.5 million 

“Almost half of those affected recovered from the virus which means the cure already exists to get rid of this problem. This also means we should not be afraid about it.”

The M.P. believes that during the lockdown the nation including other countries accepted the decision to close its borders to prevent the spread of the disease.

“That decision was good then because we were afraid of the of the virus,” he said. “This disease is similar to the Spanish flu in 1980 that affected our country and like the leprosy that led to people being exiled to Makonai.

“I can say that this disease is the same and as I mentioned it is the cousin of the flu and the normal cough…”

[The Spanish flu hit Samoa in November 1918 and led to the death of 8,500 people] 

Afoa added that those that prayed for the vaccine for COVID-19 should get vaccinated first before it is given to everyone else.

He said the vaccine that scientists talk about to cure the disease should be tested on some of the Cabinet Ministers before it is given to the people. Afoa claims the proposed vaccine is a vaccine of death and will cause people to live like zombies.

Afoa's claims were disputed by the Minister of Women, Community and Social Development and medical doctor, Tuitama Dr. Leao Tuitama, in Parliament. He said the claims were absurd and false. He said the disease is caused by a bacteria like the leprosy which is also caused by a bacteria.

He told the M.P. that as a doctor, he was not going to let the member continue his speech on the virus considering he does not understand its implication and impact. 

Tuitama said the coronavirus is a new bacteria and the antibodies would not be able to fight it. He explained because there is no vaccine for coronavirus, it is dangerous and life threatening.

In addition, the Minister said that everyone needs to pray that a vaccine is found sooner rather than later so that it can vaccinate people to develop antibodies to fight the bacteria. 

He hopes that by the time the virus reaches Samoa a vaccine is developed so that it can protect the country from it. 

The Minister of Health, Faimalotoa Kika Stowers, also rebuked Afoa for his claims. She reminded Afoa that the Government has spent a lot of money on its response to the coronavirus pandemic with the activation of the National Emergency Operation Center to advise Cabinet on the global situation. 

“My concern is the statements from the M.P. will mislead people and our efforts to prevent the disease will be pointless,” said Faimalo. 

“The nation is listening and we are not children, we are leaders of this country. We laugh as if it’s a movie and I’m deeply disappointed by this if we allow this while our country is listening to us…”

Furthermore, the Minister said a lot of money has already been spent on the Government response to the pandemic and people should not have second thoughts about the risks.

 She pointed out that the measles was a lesson for Samoa and it weighs heavily on her mind because she saw what happened. 

“If this disease enters [our shores], I believe that only the love of God will save us,” she said. “During the measles time we had a lot of medical teams that came to help us but this time we won't have that support anymore.” 

• This article previously reported that 12.6 million people were killed by the coronavirus [COVID-19] which is incorrect. According to global health authorities, including the US Johns Hopkins University, the death toll currently stands at 562,338 with 12,607,510 infections. 

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