Church conferences contributing to business boom

By Cedric Ah colt 26 May 2023, 1:00PM

Businesses, even the smaller ones are booming as a host of church conferences on the island of Upolu, have led to more business activities over the last week. 

The Congregational Christian Church Samoa's conference in Samoa, the Catholic Church's World Apostolic Congress on Mercy, and the annual conference of the Assemblies of God have brought in people from all over Samoa and the world. 

Faleasi'u fish vendor, Luisa Fereti, 16, said more people were stopping at their stall, and in most cases, all stock has been sold out.

"My father has been doing this for so many years and the Malua Conference is always something we look forward to because all vendors that live in the area get more profit during this time," she said. 

"No matter what price we put on the fish, Malua people just stop by and buy all right away. Our family also observed that other vendors along the roadside have also been sold out.

"This is always an impact the conferences have on the businesses. We used to start selling at noon before but since the conferences are on, we start in the morning and sell all day.

"By evening we would sell most of the stock we have."

Next to the Frankie Supermarket at Utuali'i, 18-year-old, Folole Muipu of Siumu sells fish under the tree opposite Niueta Transport Limited.

She said they have been busy as well and were able to sell off one of the most expensive fish species called Atu or the Skipjack Tuna to fetch a price of up to SAT$150 per fish.

"Even the 20-inch Atu is expensive and we sell them for SAT$40 and SAT$50, despite our prices, people and church ministers still buy from us," she said. "We own a store and have one of the biggest Atu businesses in Samoa, located on the west side of Siumu. 

"We have been able to sell a substantial amount of Atu which I can say is around $10,000."

It is not only the fish business that is booming but also supermarkets and stores in and around the conference venues, which are experiencing a rise in economic activity.

By Cedric Ah colt 26 May 2023, 1:00PM
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