Please be considerate

By Enid Westerlund 07 September 2023, 1:00PM

There has been much kerfuffle about the Miss Samoa Pageant this year, it’s nothing new. Like every other year before this, the claws come out and are so visible online before the day of the event.

The opinions of the masses about the winner, the conspiracy theories about the outfits and the reasons why such and such should win or not. Calm down, it’s a beauty pageant, not a contest for your ticket to heaven.

What baffles me are the personal attacks. The constant comments about what the girls look like. Well, are they able to change that? Sure, the make-up artists and hair stylists, God bless them and their awesome talents can surely enhance a look, but that girl cannot change what was given by God.

To comment on such hate and venom is beyond me about how they should look, physically and how to act. There are sensical comments and then there are personal attacks. The vetting team who is responsible for choosing contestants have criteria for categories, I am sure. Otherwise, access denied and no approval granted.

If you must lay a formal complaint about any of the contestants before the day, go through the proper channels and write a letter to them or email. State your reasons and then perhaps the committee can help you solve those issues or remove the unsuitable contestant.

We can talk about the outfits, the talents and definitely the makeup and hair style. The competition is fierce enough without adding to the pie. Do not attack their looks, their church or their families for crying out loud.

People these days have no full stop and no boundaries, yet we are founded on God right? Whether you know the girls personally or as a keyboard warrior, you have no idea what it took for that girl to put her hand up and put her name forward for Miss Samoa. You have no idea the struggles and fear that girl had to overcome to become part of this.

I applaud all of the contestants, especially Miss Miracle Afele. You’ve opened up the way for many more girls like you to compete. Even now while they are in the running, there is daily anxiety as the day draws nearer to the next reign. It is a beauty pageant, it is a showcase of talent and grit.

There have been many times that social media and keyboard warriors predicted the winner and at the end, it was not the case. So, be kind. That is someone’s daughter, someone’s future wife and mother. If you have nothing nice or encouraging to say, zip it.

We all have opinions but that doesn’t mean we’re allowed to voice it publicly and to attack whoever we want. Haylani, you have done well. Thank you for being our Miss Samoa and I know you’ve endured many challenges throughout your reign. Malo lava!

While we enjoy the rest of the week, remember to discuss outfits, makeup, hairstyles and so forth because that stuff can be taken and washed off, your negative comments will affect someone for life!

By Enid Westerlund 07 September 2023, 1:00PM
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