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A question to the Minister of S.N.P.F.

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A question to the Minister of S.N.P.F.

Dear Honourable Minister,

I ask this question on behalf of the S.N.P.F. contributors:

Under which section of the S.N.P.F. Act or the S.N.P.F. Amendment Act does it give you (Minister) the authority to pay part of the dividend to the 13 organisations you have paid part of the dividend to?

You have also added $50 to the senior citizens pension for the month of April from the dividend.

You must understand and the Government must understand that the Senior Citizens Pension Scheme is the Government’s responsibility – not that of the contributors of the Fund. If you want to increase the senior citizens pension for April then that expense should come from the Government’s budget, not from the dividend of the SNPF contributors.

On behalf of the contributors, I humbly ask your good-self and any Minister of SNPF in the future to please leave contributors’ money alone! They are the shareholders and I am sure you understand that.

Could you please Molioo give us an explanation. 

Yours sincerely,
Peniamina Muliaina
Very disappointed S.N.P.F. contributor!

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