Go get vaccinated and ‘stop being silly’

They have not taken notice of what can happen, as with the very sad and tragic events caused by the measles epidemic.
They have not seen (as I have) their school friends die from tuberculosis and polio back when there were no vaccines. There is still one person in the United States who has lived life on his back in an iron lung.
A close friend of mine still has the scars from his polio ordeal in the late 1950’s. With one leg shorter than the other causing a limp and dreadful pain from his out of balance gait, he bares also the tracheotomy scar on his throat from where a pipe was inserted to keep him breathing, back so long ago.

Joe still has the smile and cheeky laugh he had when he was so young (about 9 years old) back then, as he is glad to be one of the lucky ones to still be around to enjoy our wonderful world, all it has to offer and the warm people of this earth. 

I remember when he came back to school after his ordeal with calipers on his right leg and being unable to join in the school athletics that he used to enjoy so much.
It is so important to be vaccinated as you said dear Editors, to protect our family, friends and neighbours from this horrible contagion.
I know that when we were young we were petrified of the consequences of those horrible diseases and not being vaccinated didn’t even enter our heads, or our parents’ minds when vaccines came out for polio, tuberculosis, measles etc.

There was no hesitation from anyone that I know of, the consequences being so overriding that “doubting Thomas,” there were none, as some wonderful bright sparks had given us the miracle of continued life with a lifesaving vaccine. 

And I now see people who are so ignorant that they won’t see the writing on the wall and take into consideration that others of science and experience do know better than they do, are willing to be responsible for the great possibility of killing themselves and their family, friends and neighbours by not getting vaccinated for some ridiculous reasoning. Well not reasoning at all.
Those that have not, please get vaccinated ASAP and as my granny Sally would have said – “stop being silly.”

Best for now
 Larry Murphy

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