It is still a man’s world

Dear Editor,

Re: Gender Equality can be achieved

In response to Nomeneta’s letter published in your newspaper, I think we’re talking about the same thing and also arriving at the same conclusion. I don’t think we have many disagreements.

I don’t believe I downplayed women’s strength, physically or otherwise. 

Let me reiterate, there are certain tasks women are more capable than men and vice versa. But let’s be realistic, there still remains certain things women cannot perform as well as men and the same can be said of men.

Today we see more men in positions once reserved as “woman’s work,” and the same can be said about women. And again I maintain, we still have long to go, but we’re well on our way.

The countries you cite are countries with the “fewest” gender gap. 

My point was, there is NO such thing as complete equality, gender included, anywhere in the world. Again, as I mentioned it’s a work in progress and although we’ve made headway, it still remains a work in progress. 

And yes, I also said, we should be judged on our qualifications and not whether we wear pants or a dress.

It is a fact, women out number men in higher education I believe an educated woman in the 21st century have more opportunities to excel and achieve higher status as well as enter into fields they were never afforded in the past. I suppose you could give some credit to Feminism, as you put it. 

I don’t always agree with Feminism only because like any organization with noble intentions, in the beginning, it’s agenda over time has a tendency to over react and over reach. No, I am not offended when a man opens the door for me. 

I work on Wall Street, a world where higher positions continue to be dominated by men. You can say the same for financial industry as a whole, globally. 

My colleagues and counterparts are 90% males and although it may seem lopsided, it’s an improvement from 15-20 years ago. 

Both my secretary and my assistant are males. They were the best qualified and continue to prove they’re qualified 15 years later. These were positions once deemed a “woman’s job.

True we could learn a few things from the countries you mentioned, but it’s a big leap of faith for many countries because many still have the mind set of, “it’s a man’s world,” so it’s true we could learn from them.


Stella M

Samoa Observer

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