A mass awakening

Dear Editor,

The dumping down of society in Samoa is progressing very well.

But not for long. There is a mass awakening that’s going on. Churches are major distractions from issues in government corruption and customary land legislation etc that were facing.

Religion is nothing more then a Geo Political instrument used by the “system” to control us. It’s nothing more then enslavement of mankind through paying extra taxes to the system and using God as an excuse to make it legitimate.

Being religious and spiritual are totally two different things.

This world has been around for millions of years and will not end as the Religions of the world with their scare tactics wantsyou to believe because some “book” said so.

Wake up, we’ve been duped and lied to. Don’t let any Pastor fool you, use the Christ within you (brain)to think. It’s the end of Pisces the two fish(Christianity) and the ushering in of Aquarius age Astrologically the water bearer.

The age of Consciousness (the know)and the age of Pisces (believe)is over with. That’s why we have computers for us to research and find out ourselves what’s true and what’s not true anymore. We can trust, but also verify. So for those that want to be deceived, let them be deceived.

But for those that want to be enlightened let them be enlightened.

Leituala FB

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