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Re: Minister outlines why P.A.C.E.R Plus a must 

Lautafi Purcell, please remove the $$$ signs blocking your vision and try to be honest so you can think rationally for the people of Samoa and not yours and this administrations own self-interest.

All the warnings are there and you know it.

This P.A.C.E.R Plus is for the Pacific Islands who were not included in the T.P.P deal. And like the T.P.P deal, it will strip Samoa of any sovereignty and it’s ability to regulate it’s own commerce interest, compromise the environment, threaten food security, etc. Come on please be honest!

 Fiji and Papua New Guinea saw the handwriting on the wall and pulled out....Samoa should follow suit. Purcell and this administration is selling out Samoa if they agree to this deal.

The big players with their huge economies and deep pockets can throw around their money, thus afford to be generous and entice you and the other “forum countries,” to acquiesce and accept this deal. See the big red flag.


Stella M

Samoa Observer

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