Pedophiles and hypocrites

Re: Sex workers and the frightening truth about Samoa 

Prostitution, the oldest profession is one thing. I don’t care about that. 

Child exploitation by pedophiles tourists due to the government of Samoa not protecting the children, is another thing entirely. 

This is the painful truth of where Samoa is headed because of a negligent P.M. and H.R.P.P. and greedy churches who do not feel a moral responsibility to the most vulnerable in their society. 

The children are victims of a society that is very hypocritical filled with government and church leaders who spout Christian rhetoric merely to deflect attention away from their own greedy and moral failings. 

The state of the unprotected child street vendors who are becoming prey to foreign pedophiles speak volumes about the reality of Christianity in Samoa. These children reflect the real truth about Christian Samoa. 

Quenjule Slaven does more to protect these children from pedophile tourists with her educational outreach program than any of the hypocritical government or church fat cats.


Wendy Wonder 

Samoa Observer

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