Essential reading for Samoans

09 July 2018

Dear Editor,

The piece by Nanai titled “Ideology and Constitution of Samoa” is essential reading for any Samoan who honours the Cultural-Theological Founding Vision of Modern Samoa, her Independent Political State, and her Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of Samoa. 

The Founding Vision of Modern Samoa is well-known- Ia Faavae Samoa i le Atua : May Samoa be always Founded in God. This is the “ Word of God” in the “Word of Samoa” one will understand by studying the History of Modern Samoa- A History between 1830 and 1960. 

Susuga Nanai Nofoaiga’s opinion piece is very helpful, if also on target in laying bare for all to see the Foolish, Arrogant, Rude, Unconstitutional, Unchristian, unsamoan, and Extremist Ideology of the present Government as shown in the Law to tax Church Ministers. 


I had shared the concern before that the Government if also the Parliament, must be careful because they have increasingly become the Biblical Beast in the Book of Revelation of the Christian Holy Scripture. 

And the Biblical Beast was the Pagan Roman Empire whose Kingdom Politics led to both the Death or Jesus Christ on the Cross in Palestine, and the martyred death of St Paul in Rome one generation after Jesus! 

The E.F.K.S is right for trying to protect Everything Samoan in Life, but most importantly the Holy Will of the True Head of Samoan Kingdom- The Trinitarian God of the Christian Holy Scripture. 

O le Ao o le Malo o Malietoa na valoia e Nafanua, O le Atua Soifua ua faavae ai Samoa. O le mafuaaga lena o le Faa-Samoa ua ta’ua ai Faifeau Tausinu’u o le EFKS o Aofaalupega, aua ua ao i ai Faalupega o Nu;u ma Afioaga, ona o i latou o Sui-Vaaia o le Atua Soifua ua fai ma Ao moni o Samoa Aoao. Faauta i le loloto o le Talitonuga ma le Faatuatuaga o Samoa i le Atua- Ua ta’ua fo’i Faife’au tausinu’u Faa-Feagaiga aua o Sui-Vaaia o le Atua e faa-feagai ai Samoa ma le Atua ‘ E le faigofie, ma e alofa fo’i i lo tatou Malo, pe a liliu mai Samoa e puipui ona Ao ma ana Feagaiga. O loo i Faavae lava o le Olaga FaaSamoa ma le Faavae o le Malo Tutoatasi o Samoa le tali o faafitauli, ma faasinoga aloaia lelei e foia ai faafitauli e tutupu i Samoa. Ma le faaaloalo tele. Faafetai.


Danny Ioka

09 July 2018

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