Leo’o Mulitalo M.M.M.F. Pius writes

Editor’s note: This letter is published verbatim, unedited:

Dear Editor,

Can’t help the urge on joining the well-wishers’ wishing Samoa Observer best wishes of Congratulations for a sustain service to our people in the past 40 years. 

Reminds me of the number of years God allows for His chosen people/village to wondered around in the desert while pilgrimage towards the Promised Land. An account that has been with God’s chosen people, as it was recorded in writing by Prophet Moses and his successors for our generation knowledge and understanding. Somehow the early 16th century generation of some so called smart-people start asking for scientific evidence to prove of such happening even to the point of querying of whom created the world.

What I’m trying to say is that to an extent it shows the nitty-gritty need of ‘media work’ reporting on the past happenings for the future generation yet different people sure have different views on a specific matter. 

Wonder whether that is why when Christ Jesus was with His apostle during his last couple of years He never command any of his twelfth apostle to document any happenings, don’t you agree Gatoloai Savea and your Lovely lady Muliagatele Jean?

Anyhow classic example is the current issue on the Malietoa [Tama Aiga e tausi e le Faletuamasaga] title and its prescribed honour; 1.Gatoaitele and 2.Vaetamasoalii bestowment. I (perhaps I may get court order at some stage’ hehehe) was there witnessing Toelupe faapea le tapuaiga ia Auimatagi, tainane le mamalu i le Faleono o Leaitigaga ma Leitutolu o le Sagaga; 1.Palalaua, 2. Vaimauga, 3.Ailaoa, Faleata ma Safata, o paia faalupe na o oe le Faletuamasaga. 

Nevertheless I hope the honorary chiefs of Faletuamasaga may come to their good terms soon, same goes with the Malietoa Family heirs and have this saga put to rest on Peaceful and Tranquillity manner. Unlike the situation Mr. Mata’afa, re mention on his editorial -22 August 2018 “How things might have been different if Parliament and the Government listened to Chief Auditor and O.P.C.” where I would join him with his wishful queried mind, for a betterment of the noted situation now a days should the O.P.C. related legal action recommendation had taken place sooner?

What puzzle’s me the same is how come such recommendation where endorsed by Parliament never gets realised yet we have the; 1.Chief Judge with his Courts Administration and 2.Cabinet lead by Mr. Prime Minster to action it. Or was there another Entity/Person above the three(3) noted Body, more powerful to stall it -to an almost never existed situation!? This is serious enough to warrant a ‘vote of NO confidence’ according to any Democratic protocol, even Canada, ahy Madam Wendy in Wonder?

It saddens me for whom ever is at fault, this is obviously belittling on the Head of States and His Council of Deputies [Tama Aiga], not to mention the people whom votes the Members of Parliament to Parliament [ Aiga ma a latou Tama, le Usoga Tumua ma Pule] from time to time. 

Let alone the Foundation of our Nation (even though our forefathers had ‘the Almighty and Omnipresent God’ on our Nations Constitution Cover but never mind for it is now corrected thanks to Honourable Mr. Prime Minister and their current Parliamentary seating for doing so) and our locally proclaimed Peaceful Democracy.

Dear Samoan Brethren please say you do not need to remind that His ways are not of our ways. There are numerous biblical accounts recording Him turning a negative season into a positive one next time. Classic examples; 1.how the King David (second Israelites king after King Saul) had become after being a simple Shepherd boy. 2. King David son Solomon born of Bathsheba wife of Uriah the Hittite, Joab’s armor-bearer where poor Uriah got murdered due to David wish to have her.

Now couple of facts here though need to make mention; 1. Both David and Solomon being king unfortunate to mention but surely had many wives and 2.it was Bathsheba to be the 1st Queen of Israelites Kingship (not a wife??) portraying the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Queen of Christ Jesus [God the Son, 2nd Personification of the TRINITY God] Kingdom on earth and in Heaven. 

Memorial celebrating the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary had commanded by Saint Pope Pius XII, on the 11th of October 1954. Where he specifically asks for the Church and the world to renew its consecration on to her then recommends the Memorial to be celebrated on 22nd of August every year.

The purpose of the Memorial is for all souls may recognize more clearly and venerate more devoutly the merciful and motherly sovereignty of her who bore God in her womb”. On the day of her Assumption, Mary our Mother was solemnly crowned by Christ and received by the whole court of Heaven as Queen. What Christ has done in Heaven similarly his Church has done on earth on our behalf. Hence we should individually recognize Mary’s Queenship and enthrone her in our homes, consecrate ourselves to her and, by this means, establish in our lives the reign of Mary Immaculate Queen of the Universe.

Most definitely, locally, the Mormons, Baha’i Faith -as I had previously asked these two specifically on the matter, not to mention the Jehovah’s Witness, Seven Day’s Adventist, Muslims let alone [the many divided in beliefs] Fundamentalist which includes the Methodist and the Congregational Christian Churches of Samoa, I herewith again urge you all to reconsider your Faith based understanding on the matter, for if you cannot come to such terms with regards God’s Holy Mother then your teaching is ‘Not Constitutional’ so mind as well leave Samoa alone and go some elsewhere with your preaching. 

Don’t you Agree Honourable Head of State? Pretty sure Council of Deputy Honourable Tapusatele L.T. Ropati would agree, even Tama Aiga TuiAtua Tupua -this fella is a fairly high level Academic guy, compare to the recent controversial Malietoa F. Moli. Honourable Prime Minster and his Cabinet together with current Parliament would have the support of Chief Judge and his court Administration are in support as well, don’t you agree, Maka and Sailele.

Glad to hear of poor Malele Paulo [a.k.a. King Faipopo’s] pleaded for us Samoa and Honourable Mr. Prime Ministers forgiveness, on a separate matter. And I hope he is genuine, you know like the Lost Son in one of Jesus documented Parable whom had come to his senses after longed to eat his fill of the pods on which the swine fed as nobody gave him any. Noted also Mr. Prime Ministers claiming Innocence where only a court proceeding would clear the air according to mans limited mind. And am glad to witness that Honourable Mr. Prime Minister is ‘as cool as a cucumber’ leaving everything to God’s will, wonder whether that’s same notion of his, why the O.P.C. recommended legal action had never gets realised?

Anyhow Samoan brethren, be at Peace for certainly should we agree on Forgiveness’ there and then we are portraying the fact that Samoa is a Sovereign Country now truly founded on the TRINITY God whom knows everything simply because He is the creator of everything. And am agreeing on Honourable Mr. Prime Minister coolness for certainly God’s ways will be revealed one day soon at His own good time which will never come too late, right Mr. Prime Minster?

Wish to ask of Honourable Head of State and Chief Judge but they seemed too silently occupied with whatever there is out there, only God knows?Until next time, stay tune,, 


Atalii fanau le au o le Talalelei 

Leo’o Mulitalo M.M.M.F. Pius

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