The Head of State, government and taxes

Dear Editor,

Interesting editorial about the government’s tax plans and the Head of State. Thank you for raising the issue.

In times of kings, like David, Solomon, Saul and so on. Kings were exempt from paying taxes. Why? Because people looked at them like gods. There is only One God and the Israelites treated a king like a god, not pastors because there are heaps of them. A king is the only one who does not pay taxes, like God.

When Jesus was here, He paid taxes. Why? Because Jesus is Not God, and Jesus knew that truth. And at the time, people looked at Jesus like another crazy pastor.

Today Samoa has a Head of State or a king. So he is exempt from paying taxes. Samoa must treat him as God’s Representative.

So comparing a king to a pastor. Who do you think God looks at as His Representative? Head of State, His Highness Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi or a pastor who is disobeying God by refusing to pay taxes?

There is Only One God and God make sure He has only one Representative not two. The reason why we have one Head of State.

Faifeau is not God’s Representative but God’s servant. 

The Difference.

God is The Only One who does not pay taxes. Jesus did because He is not God. Now EFKS is rejecting the law God created.

Simple, if you are not God or a Representative of God. Then obey God and pay taxes.

Today, faifeau are playing God. Very unwise and silly.

‘The Message is always more   important than the messenger. Reject The Message and you are also rejecting The One who owns that Message.’

Now it’s Prime MinisterTuilaepa’s turn. God puts Government above faifeau. Government controls faifeau or a member of the public.

Just because EFKS rejects the idea, does not mean that Tuilaepa must obey them.

Tuilaepa must obey God and God says...”Tax them...” Cheers.



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