In response to comments from Minister of Justice Faaolesa

Dear Editor,


Talofa and greetings. With great respect I feel a great urgency to reply to a segment of your story titled “Tension in the halls of justice” published on the Sunday Samoan mentioning my father High Chief Seumanutafa Tiavolo of Apia. 

I stand to defend and correct what the Minister told your Sunday readers. 

My position as a Samoan family matai within Sa Seumanutafa family is a orator chief, it is my duty to convey, defend Seumanutafa in all aspects of his every whim as well as heirs of our family in Apia, having said that let us start from the beginning where the Minister failed miserably as a law abiding private citizen as he portrays himself to be: 

1. He had no right to bestow matai titles using the given or first name’s of the children of King Tui’Aana Sagate and his wife Sinataufailemanunu of Apia, (Laautuivanu, Leaufueloloa, Leuli, Leefu) 

2. Initial Court cases: 

LC-1145/11745&LC11744, Date of hearing: 14 Aug. 2012 . Date of decision: 24 Aug. 2012. Titles Laautuivanu (LeMamea) Leaufueloloa (Lemalu) 

Hon. Minister you lost this case! 

:LC-11797, P1-P2 Date of hearing, 8July 2013, Decision, 8July 2013. Titles Leuli (Seumanutafa) LC11796 Tuileififi same dates. 

Hon. Minister you lost these cases! 

: LC11789, Date of hearing 31,Oct.2013, Date of Decision, 8, Nov. 2013.Title Leefu (Toomalatai) 

Hon. Minister you lost this case! 

3. Hon. Minister you and only you alone submitted an application to request a leave to Appeal all of the above cases. According to the story on Sunday, you clearly stated and I quote: “I bestowed chiefly titles to men in my family back in 2011 and that is what the issue is about. There was a case in 2012 and our family WON the case and the chiefly titles were honored.”

And you carried on by saying “another chief has written to the Lands and Titles President asking him to reopen the case... It is 2017 now. How can they reopen a case that’s been settled five years ago?”

Hon. Minister as far as above cases are concerned you have never successfully bestowed matai titles on anyone nor won any court case. We are anticipating seeing you on the day of your appeal as warranted by the President of the Lands and Titles Courts of Samoa.

4. As a matai of Seumanutafa family you must without question listen, take heed of the father’s advice because Seumanutafa bestowed the title Faaolesa on you in the year of our Lord, 2004. The title Faaolesa is a matua of Seumanutafa but your Faaolesa is a matua i fale. If you need clarification I’ll be happy to explain on the day of appeals. 

5. Lastly Mr. Minister with due respect I suggest in the future, you refrain from all issues regarding my family, my birth right, my God given right because you and I are not related from the beginning to the end. Soifua.


Tauamamanuvao Frank Le-mamea Seumanutafa 


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