Happy Mother's Day - to the women who shape our lives

By The Editorial Board 12 May 2024, 10:00AM

Mother is the name of God on the lips of every child perhaps because some say that God ensured that children would have His love all the time so he created mothers.

It is a special day to honour the women who define us and shape us into who we are today. A mother is always there. She nurtures, she cares, she feeds you, she will ensure that you follow the righteous path and when you stray off the right path, she will bring you back there, the classic Samoan way.

A mother will go to school and fight a teacher because she did you wrong and in some cases, we have teachers who don the role of mothers away from home

American writer Washington Irving writes: “A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.”  

For those of us lucky enough to have had a mother as Irving describes, we’ve been given a living example of what it is to have compassion, put others first, and love unconditionally.

Our mothers play such a vital role in our lives. As children, they protect us, raise us to be good people, and teach us how to love and treasure family. Even if they have to work full-time, moms always find the time to do everything that makes us safe.

As we grow up and become adults with families of our own, our mothers become the matriarchs, creating special bonds with their grandchildren, and helping them learn and cherish the family traditions that will endure.

For some people, Mother’s Day can also bring profound sadness. Eventually, we adjust and move forward, but their presence and influence on our lives endure.

On Mother’s Day year, keep those who have lost their mothers in your thoughts and hearts. If you know someone who is missing their mom, try to find a moment to check in on them and, or share a memory you might have. It can be a small comfort during an otherwise difficult time.

On the other side of the commercial coin. Mother’s Day has been made into a day where a person is made to believe that there have to be gifts and expensive items for your mother. If you know your mother, even if you turn up empty handed and all that you can afford is a hug and a kiss, that is the most precious gift you can give her, and that to her is priceless.

 While we celebrate Mother’s Day in our own unique way, let us keep in mind the women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Two out of every three women in Samoa are victims of domestic violence.

This is definitely something we do not envision for our mothers. Men, treat your wives and daughters the same way you would treat your mothers. If this was the lesson every young man was taught, we could drastically reduce the violence in our homes.

It is a concern because it has become a culture, where if nothing solves a dispute, then violence is the chosen way to go.

Hats off to the women who look after the children at the Campus of Hope. These children have been removed from their homes because of physical and sexual violence. They are being looked after the hard working women at the Samoa Victim Support Group.

We also urge all mothers to speak out against violence in any form either it is inflicted upon you or your children. There is no shame in doing that and no shame will fall upon your family. Single mothers who have been playing the role of mum and dad need to be acknowledged as well. They do very important work when playing dual roles.

As people march into churches, or are having their Mother’s Day lunch, please keep in your prayers all the mothers in the world, especially those affected by war during this time and those who have seen their children die in front of them.

A Happy Mother’s Day and a blessed Sunday to all.

By The Editorial Board 12 May 2024, 10:00AM
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