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By Samoa Observer 28 February 2016, 12:00AM

In today’s Poets Corner, we are featuring poems by Osooso, Neueli Apisaloma Mauafu, Fa’amuamua Daisy Tauaanae, Evelina Fao, Jackie Fa’asisila and Andy Fifita.       


Andy Fifita

As he cast his line

he stood

he watched

he thought

His line tagged

he looked

he felt

His curiosity grew

As he stood there still

his rod bent

his rod unbreakable

His rod covered with emotion

with the purpose to seek

What was he seeking

He knew what he wanted

How far to look

As the line unravelled

It was harder to navigate

Losing sight

Rapid mvements

Unnsteady waters

Grip loosening

He was ready to give up

his rod stable




As he stayed standing

his rod still erect

the anchor of his emotions

Fed determination through his fingertips

His passion 

infinite as the ocean beneath him 

His fishing rod 

seeking pursuing discovering




Daisy Tauaanae      


Seeking for a new prey

Luring it into the game

Waiting till it’s lying low

One, Two, Three,

Taking their turns

Tearing it apart

Treating it as their own toy!

Mocking it.....

Abusing it....

Killing it....

Not caring if it’s hurting.

Satisfaction’s all they want

No limitation to their cruelty

Till it’s worn down

Thrashing it then

All forgotten and humiliated.

Next prey on record!



(for anonymous) 



Do not sympathise with me but for you 

my anonymous friend.

Identifying myself with that friend of yours,

should I ?

For our fight is not against flesh and blood,

but against

rulers,  the authorities in high places and the

power of darkness.

So do not be troubled for the Prince of peace

 is always there.

To watch over your heart my friend that’s 

all He cares.

Our Lord’s concern never fails you if you insist,

on doing unto others,

what you want others to do unto you. That’s

the only remedy

to pacify and mend ones anxious heart. So it

is all right if you believe,

that the Almighty’s ‘Agape’ won’t prejudice no

matter what and who

for His unconditional love has no boundaries,

but forever and  ever. 




Neueli Apisaloma 



If not now,


Inform and let me know

So I can prepare then

Don’t leave me puzzled

Confused and dazed

Answer me now

I don’t want to be late

If I’m annoying

Or maybe questioning a lot

Its cause I need to know and understand

I need to know A LOT

Tell me, inform me

Give me answers

I don’t take NO as a reply

Give me another



Evelina Fao

Grew up and live in a village

Is an honor and a privilege

Experience the Fa’samoa in every single minute

Feel the truth of happiness and freedom

Matai in every family is the head

A mother and children follow whatever he said

Direct right paths for the family

Care, love and protect them in his sanctuary

A mother is the number one supporter

Help dad teaching children in good manners

Girls with the way they dress up, talk and walk

Same goes for the boys just for the betterment of them all

Being Samoans we must be proud

The bond we share in our family is forever strong

Our parents never despise us

We are powerfully connected in Samoan bloods.



(from ‘Endless Circles’)

Jackie Fa’asisila


Morning dawns dull and grey

Browns of death and dying

Debris to take away

Survivors pick up the pieces

Struggle everywhere

Digging through mud and rubble

Choked by despair

Limbs of massive trees

No longer reach up high

Crushed by fearsome power

Skeletons left to die

Brilliant green foliage

Eyes no more will see

Trees basking in the sun

As they were meant to be

Branches no longer wave

As gentle breezes blow

The skyline now stands empty

Silhouettes no more to know

Weakened heart beating still

Life continues ceaselessly

Bodies ache; spirits droop

Tears fall silently

We await a new day

When the pain is done

We pray, O Lord

Let us see the sun


By Samoa Observer 28 February 2016, 12:00AM
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