You are that miracle

Dear Editor

Re: Incest on the rise in Samoa?


It really annoys me when people say “let’s just pray...” like that will make it all better. What are you praying for? For someone else to come and fix it for you? For it to disappear and never be spoken of again?

Did it ever occur to you to that you could be the one that you’ve been praying for? That the answer to your prayers is you!

People need to stop hiding behind the bible and start taking action, God does not just work through miracles, he works through each and every one of us. He gave us eyes to see and a mouth to speak, so take those legs he gave you and march down to the police station and report It! And if not take those hands he gave you and knock these motherf****** out!!!

Don’t be a spectator to these issues. You’re creating more damage than you think by not being vocal. Praying is great, don’t stop; but God can’t do everything for you sometimes that miracle you’re praying for is you!



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