Are you serious?

Dear Editor,

Re: Police probe over missing guns

Let’s see. The wife spent the whole night at the police station and the husband never showed up, only after she left in the morning that the two lovebirds came in. 

Ok who was at the station that was updating the husband with his wife status and location?

She came back and found them!!..

Ok, how much for a room in this brothel that they called a Police station? And how much the taxpayer spent for their room and pay for them to mingle instead of working for they safety and security? “In relation to the charge of adultery, your offending cannot be said to be serious offending in its context.”

Oh really? And why did all this family mess started and became the taxpayer’s mess? That the taxpayer has to pay the man while sitting at home for a 1 and 1/2 year? “Whilst you have been paid, I have no doubt that the delay will have been a heavy burden on you in terms of uncertainty around your future, your career as well as the stress “

Has any official read Village Voice, how stress has become a way of life for most of Samoan for lack of basics necessities such as water? And they are paying for this guy to live free?

“In terms of your assault, you slapped your wife once. It is however at the lower end of seriousness.”

Really? Was he happy and therefore slapped his wife? 

I wondered, where are all those officials who walked to stop The Violence against Women and Children? And those who liked to be on T.V. and newspaper preaching against the same issue? Have they lost their voice?

If this officer took the guns to protect them without letting anyone knows or even his superior knows. Better search his house again for the rest of the stolen guns.


Galufatioo Tautuailevao

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