The poor treatment of dogs in Samoa

Dear Editor,

Whenever I come to Samoa, I always spend money getting at least 5 or 6 animals desexed. Our dogs are all desexed, licensed, deflead, dewormed and vaccinated. 

I don't let them chase after people because I don't want them to get hit by a car, a rock, a stick, or worse a machete. I'm what you would call a responsible pet owner. I love animals and I hate the over population problem in Samoa. 

Not because of tourism or that maybe people will get bit, but rather because of the poor wretched lives the dogs live in Samoa. 

I don't care about people being bitten or inconvenienced because as far as I'm concerned it's people who have caused the problem in the first place. I understand that lots of people in Samoa can't afford to get their dogs and cats de sexed and I would be the first person to pay for their animal to be de sexed if they asked me. 

I don't mind using my money to do this and believe me I am not a rich person. What really bothers me is when people who can afford to get their animals de sexed but choose not to or let someone with less money than them pay to have their animal de sexed because they are either too cheap, too lazy, too entitled, or too stupid, to see that they are a big part of the problem of why there are so many stray dogs in Samoa. 

If these people who can afford to de sex their animals would get off their huge butts and take some responsibility it would be a lot less of a job for the SPCA from NZ and Australia and for people like me to solve the problem. 

If those who can afford to took responsibility for their dogs instead of sitting there thinking they should be serviced by people like me and from aid initiatives from NZ and Australia you would see a huge difference in the stray dog population. 

This is just another example of a huge problem in Samoa. 

The haves thinking they are entitled to everything for free at the expense of others, whether the others are the poor people or the stray dogs it's the same entitled thinking from the haves that causes such big problems in Samoa. 

I have major resentments towards these people and whenever I have participated in getting the dogs of the wealthy in Samoa de sexed with my money or my time I simply re focus the disgust and anger I feel towards these useless cheap wealthy entitled owners and focus on the love I feel for their dog and know that I prevented a whole bunch of unwanted puppies being born to either be buried alive if female and abandoned if male. 

In spite of their owners selfishness, then I feel ok. 

Wendy Wonder

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