C.C.C.S. ministers must pay tax

Dear Editor

It is beyond belief that the C.C.C.S. Ministers and the church somehow believed they should be exempt from paying the alofa tax. 

Jesus was not paid for his work or ministry so if you want to talk biblical then take a leaf out of Jesus’ example. 

The C.C.C.S. church’s core beliefs, must be reconciled with society’s laws. 

The fact is, the alofa is an income, and any income is taxable. It is that simple. Why is it so hard for you to understand that any income is taxable? 

A gift to you though already taxed to someone else’s income is still an income to you and must be taxed. 

If you are arguing that the alofa should be tax-free because you are praying for the nation, then I would stop you right there. A cheque book salvation is what is wrong with such theology. 

Again, Jesus was not getting paid for his ministry but survive from the generosity of his followers. 

If Jesus was paid an alofa, then obviously it would have attracted a Cesar tax and he said return unto cesar what belongs to Cesar. The argument that the tax laws impacts on the work of the C.C.C.S. church is an old one. 

Helllo, every other denomination has been impacted by tax but that is our societal contributions to the improvement of society, no one likes it but we must pay our share. 

What makes C.C.C.S. ministers any different from Mormon, Assembly, Methodist, or Jehovah’s minister who are all paying their fair share of tax? 

Another argument presented is that the C.C.C.S. is making contributions to the Government and Samoa. 

Well hello? The Mormon contributes a lot, the Methodist do, the Adventist contribute millions through A.D.R.A. and other churches do as well. 

They are still paying taxes as responsible citizens in developing the country, and you suggest your contributions should somehow influence the way you get taxed n singled out above everyone else? 

That is cheque book salvation which is the cause of the pains of many families. Pay you fair share of tax as a responsible citizen like everyone else. You are no different from anyone else. 

Why not practice what you preach and call on divine guidance in humility. 

In fact, you should thank the legislation that not all your income is taxed. The fact is, in other nations, all sources of income is taxed.


Tama S.

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