Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Dear Editor,

Re: What’s your next move?

Susuga a Fale J. Galuefa, 

Talofa si ou Alofa. Ua ta toe feiloai foi iluma o Nuu ae leo tua o nuu. Faamalo le soifua, faafetai foi le tau lagalaga. Ioe, o se mea matagofia le fetufaai iluga o le mautinoa ma le malamalama. Ae malie mai ole a talanoa ile Faaperetania ma le faasapasui e manogi.

O au, o Asipau Pamela Tafua o se tamaitai faatauvaa mai Vaimoso, Saleaaumua, Satitoa, Salani, Malaemalu, Asau ma Tufutafoe. 

I assist and support S.S.I.Gs work, along with le Susuga a Iuni Sapolu and thousands of members. So, let me attempt to set the record straight one more time. Your insistence to blame one individual of S.S.I.G. for carrying out the will and astute decisions of the S.S.I.G. organization, is your first mistake. 

Aua, poo le Loia, fomai, faipopo, poo le faifeau, e lolo uma o matou manao ma manatu taitoatasi ile tofa mamao a le faalapotopotoga ma le palota a le Board of Directors, poo le komiti fa’afoe Ole S.S.I.G. 

That is how we roll, so please, go easy on individual members of the organization. We are working for the benefit of yourself, your children and all of Samoa without pay. Additionally, please understand, S.S.I.G. is an organization which has policies of processes, procedures and protocols, democratically followed and adhered to by all.

I responded to your previous Samoa Observer article on this same issue. As a matter of fact, I opened my response with a well known western idiom, one which my golf buddies used, inappropriately, all the time, to excuse embarrassing strokes, ...miscalculations in a sand trap. 

But for me, I described S.S.I.G. appropriately using this phrase as an admirer of the plan which rolled out, with precision, on 12/16/2017. 

Now, with the rejection of the Petition, well known and expected, to be tossed out by Stui’s policy, I am in awe, with “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” (a leai se mea e galueaina, e leai foi se mea e maua) a part of a foresighted oiled plan of action or inaction as you might see it. 

This battle is history now and I am at liberty to state the obvious, in case you’re wondering. If you are disappointed with the outcome of our Petition, be not dismayed. It was the plan. Additionally I said in my remarks; “If NOT S.S.I.G, WHO? IF NOT NOW, WHEN? (A le o SSIG, o ai? A le o nei, o afea?) Exactly!

So here we are, sort of like “...beating the dead horse”, again, but this the daunting task in the game of taumatematega tupua. Pe sao lea?

Mr. Fale Galuefa, you implying that S.S.I.G’s Board of Directors, honored and Professional Advisors with thousands of astute and wise members worldwide, all lack foresight, the needed intelligence, proper tools and the know how to execute a plan of action against P.M. Tuilaepa’s H.R.P.P, is quite presumptuous on your part. (I’m sure you’ve heard of the two words that make up assume.”

Needless to say, S.S.I.G’s strategic plan is succinctly unfolding as projected and planned. Did you for a minute thought S.S.I.G’s Petition was going to be allowed by Mr. P.M. to even see the light of the Fono chambers? 

S.S.I.G. knew it would not and would be wasted energies, for acceptance at the Fono level, would have upset the apple cart. It was not in the plan.

You see Fale, S.S.I.G. offered Stui and his H.R.P.P. gang a chance for an out. If they were wise they could have easily waivered its 57(8) policy and saved their hides and avoid what is coming next. Clueless. 

Unfortunately, S.S.I.G. will move forward in the will of the people and the interest of time. Too bad. It will now be in the Arena of Court Justice and of Public Opinion where it rightfully belongs. Bingo! All will be laid out naked, for Samoa and the world to see, an unavoidable outcome.

The pieces are falling in place as planed. S.S.I.G. and Samoa now are standing ready to face the “beast”. A formidable foe with 30+ years of scheming, deceit, manipulating, twisting, covering and cutting corners to build. 

Yes, S.S.I.G. was not counting on favors from the master planner, for “The Master will not allow his tools to he used to dismantle his own house.” 

S.S.I.G. knew this, hence it arrived at the worksite, armed with its own professional tools, coupled with the Political Will Power to lay waste and bare the ugly interior of the H.R.P.P.’s facade. It will not be easy but “NOTHING VENTURED, NOTHING GAINED”.

Patriotic Samoans have listened and felt the pain and suffering of our people. They have witnessed the fruits of corruption and the voice of the voiceless silenced with disrespect and high-mindedness, alien traits to Samoa’s traditions of Humility, Respect and Love. 

It is not by accident S.S.I.G. came to existence. S.S.I.G. is created by fine and decent human minds with Supreme Intervention.

Fale, thank you for your part, any publicity is welcome, it keeps S.S.I.G.’s work in the public eye. 

Your critiques contribute effectively to our collective effort. 

But S.S.I.G’s work and ongoing educational programmes in Samoa and throughout, are well oiled and are churning as we speak. 

Ae malie mai, S.S.I.G’s battle strategies are of top secret, understandably so, or the War will be jeopardized. Suffice to say, you have a front seat, Sir. Enjoy!


Faimalomatumua Asipau Pamela Tafua

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