Samoan artist to be displayed in Dubai

By Marc Membrere 20 October 2021, 9:58PM

Samoan artist and author Papalii Momoe von Reiche will be hanging her art at the Dubai 2021 Art Expo, representing Samoa at one of the Middle East's preeminent exhibitions.

Papalii was invited by the organiser of the Art Expo Dubai 2021 to hang her artworks at the event, which she had first learned about through the news. 

The Expo brings together the world's finest artistic minds to exchange ideas, collaborate and provoke ideas through art. 

Due to travel restrictions, Papalii was unable to send a physical painting to Dubai but was able to send the digital format.

A total of 13 of her works will be displayed in digital format. 

Papalii is the owner of the Motivational Arts Dance and Drama (M.A.D.D) Gallery at Motootua and told the Samoa Observer on Wednesday that she has been enthusiastic about the genre of abstract art since she was young.

One artwork she had sent to Dubai is called "Sand".

"We are people that are surrounded by sea and sand and it's all part of us. It's the mood of living. You might enjoy sand, if you go surfing with your friends, but you don't know what;s in the sand," Papalii said.

"Sand also means life to other forms and life to us because sand makes part of our physical environment."

Papalii said she has been experimenting with digital art for some time. 

“It’s cheaper than buying paints and canvases, but I still prefer the medium of applying paint to canvas as it is organic and expresses one’s feelings more aptly. For digital art, I found it more available because of the way technology has made everything easier to achieve," she said.

Papalii said she is inspired by nature and her artworks aim to showcase Samoa's finer aesthetic points. 

"It's [about the country's] physical beauty and its old spiritual depths," she said.

"However, my work also looks at change. The abstract forms and colours that I use look at new ideas and new ways of defining ourselves.

“As the world is changing around us with COVID-19 and climate change, I have found that this has also influenced my view which is further expressed through my artwork.”

 Her advice to young artists is to believe in yourself, your values and your creativity. 

"Also be aware of new ideas in fashion, photography, music, dance, drama, and in sculpture and paintings. Don’t regurgitate the same things over and over again. There is a whole world out there with very exciting aesthetic happenings. Go out there and be part of it," Papalii said.

The exhibition will run from November 4 to 6, 2021 and will feature works from around the world and the Pacific.

By Marc Membrere 20 October 2021, 9:58PM

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