Was it really necessary?

Dear Editor, 

I wonder why it was necessary for the police to have such a show of force when issuing a warrant to Mauga Precious Chang for what is ostensibly a traffic offence? 

Did they expect her to jump out of the window and escape in a speedboat like James Bond or was the point of the exercise just to embarrass and intimidate a public officer at their place of work? 

Maybe the police were fearful and needed plenty of back-up because Ms. Chang looks so formidable! 

I’ve heard she’s pretty quick with those hands when it comes to basket weaving so who knows what she’s capable of when holding a pen!

I just hope the police were equally cautious for their safety when charging the Police Commissioner with those much more serious offences. 

After all he’s an alpha male who doesn’t like to be challenged.

As Joseph Hollywood pointed out, the big loser in this ‘tit-for-tat cavorting’ is his damaged shop but perhaps I might also add a couple of other Samoan icons, like respect, courtesy and confidence in our government institutions.


Pika T

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