Family-of-seven perseveres amidst struggles

By Adel Fruean 03 October 2021, 1:00PM

With barely a roof over their heads, a family-of-seven on the west coast of Upolu is persevering in the face of daily struggles.

Amy Wulf's family residence can only be accessed through an inland road. 

The 29-year-old was going about her normal chores on a typical Saturday morning when the Samoa Observer visited.

She recently moved to the house with her husband and five children after previously living with relatives in Savai'i.

It has been more than a year since the family has occupied the house which has a corrugated iron roof which is precariously held up by wooden posts and surrounded by barbed wire. Together, they sleep on wooden beds.

Ms. Wulf’s main concern with her family's current living situation are the financial difficulties they encounter trying to pay outstanding water bills.

“Our family is in need of a water tank because we live in one property with four families sharing a water supply,” she said.

She said that while they are grateful to have water supply they do not have enough money to back pay the outstanding bills owing. 

“We lived in Savaii to look after my husband’s parents but when we recently came back we sent money to help them," she said. 

“In our small area with four families, there are close to 20 children. 

“While my husband works, he gets paid fortnightly and when he does get his pay we allocate it for food, bills, we also send money to families in Savaii.

“Another concern is our current living conditions. I worry for my children because when it rains the roof leaks and we all try to fit in our small shack.”

The mother-of-five said the family would not be holding a lavish White Sunday celebration. 

“The children will be going to church and performing their skits and that’s good enough," she said.  

“We cannot afford a lot of things despite my husband being employed but his income cannot cover costly expenses because we focus on food supplies but also for the children’s expenses when going to school.

“We pay bus fare every day so I can take the children to school and back but also buy their food. I have three children at school while the youngest is only a one-year-old.”

If you are willing to help the family of Ms. Wulf please contact the numbers: 7757639 or 7740248.


Village Voice
By Adel Fruean 03 October 2021, 1:00PM

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