Victim breaks her silence, offers hope

By Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu 13 June 2017, 12:00AM

A 19-year-old victim of sexual violence wants to send a strong message to anyone who is sexually violated within their home that there is hope. 

Calling herself an ambassador for victims, the young girl said boys and girls who are scared to come out for fear of repercussions should know there is help.

The young girl is a victim of two separate sexual cases. The incidents occurred within the comfort of her home. 

The first case involved her stepfather while the second case was with a man her mother tried to hook her up with, in return for money. 

In an exclusive interview with the young girl, she made it clear that she wants the public to know her story and why she wants to tell it. 

Due to the suppression order her identity cannot be disclosed. Housed at the Samoa Victim Support Group since 2014 this young girl said a recent incident encouraged her to make this stand. 

“While staying here, I overheard another case similar to mine, and it’s eating me inside that this little girl did not know that there is help,” she said. 

“In our homes, this is where we should feel safe, this is our comfort zone, this is where I can be me. 

“But certain families do not afford that, some families, kids are being violated and that’s why I want to make it known there is hope.  

“The Police and S.V.S.G can help,” said the young girl. 

She said that she was raped twice at the age of 14 and telling her mother about the incident was another problem. 

“She never believed a word I said..... I was helpless. I felt that I was useless and a nobody, given that even my own mother did not believe what I said. And I was raped, not once but twice.” 

The girl went on to say the second incident involves a man whom they go to church with. 

“This man would give my mother money between $50-$100 so he can see me. 

“One night he came over to my house spoke with my mother. While in the kitchen he forced himself upon me. 

"My mother was busy playing with her phone while he forced himself on me in a sexual manner. Another time he wanted to take me to his family in Savaii and my mother agreed. She got $100 out of that, but I didn’t go.” 

The stepfather, the mother and the man in question have all been convicted and are serving time in jail. 

She told Samoa Observer she knew about the helpline from her neighbour.

“I called the S.V.S.G helpline and within hours the police arrived and picked me up and my sister and I never returned to our house since then.” 

The girl noted that a recent case inside S.V.S.G has led her to come forth and give some sort of hope to the young kids who are going through similar problems at home that there is help. She spelled out the free helpline 8007874. 

The girl also took the chance to call out to mothers who continue to standby while men sexually violate their children.

"You need to stop and rethink. This is your child, and in your arms is where they should feel safe and loved, not being tormented by a man who claims to love you and turns around and does horrible things to the children.” 

Mothers need to know there are consequences of their actions. 

The girl said in the end that despite how she was betrayed by what her mother did, “I have forgiven her and I am slowly moving on.

But I wish I can say the same for her, its been hard but I am slowly moving on but I cannot say the same for my mother who continues to think of me every single day.” 

By Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu 13 June 2017, 12:00AM

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