Rae Webb returns for one last adventure

By Joyetter Luamanu 26 December 2017, 12:00AM

Eighty-seven-year-old Australian, Rae Webb, loves Samoa.

So much so that despite his age, he is keen to visit the grave of world renowned Author, Robert Louis Stevenson, one more time.

This is his second visit to Samoa, the first being in 1954. 

“I was on a ship and we spent two days here. I met a local girl and we went swimming in the water holes it was very innocent and I was very innocent myself at the age of 24,” he said laughing. 

“And so on my bucket list was coming back to Samoa, although my timing is bad it’s a Public holiday but the main reason I am here is to visit Robert Louis Stevenson gravesite. 

 “Samoa is a tropical paradise.” 

He then spoke about the numerous changes since his last visit. 

 “Back then it was nothing like this, Samoa has come a long way in terms of development and I am very impressed,” he said. 

 “During my first unforgettable visit to Samoa I was the third Office on a Merchant Navy Ship. 

“We went to Sydney, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa and then to American Samoa, then to U.S.A. then to Rarotonga and then finally home. 

“Our trip took five months and it was a trip of a lifetime,” he said. 

From Queensland Australia, Mr. Webb says Sheraton is facilitating his visit to the Gravesite. 

He told the Samoa Observer that his first Christmas in Samoa was very quiet. 

“Everything is closed down and I toyed with the idea of going to church. 

“Samoans are church going people and being a Christian plays a huge role in the Community and I want it to be a part of that, and at the same time I don’t want to disrespect anyone.

 “I am behooved to say that Samoa has come a long way. What you have achieved with a low base taxes with just over 160,000 people is impressive, it’s amazing. 

“You’re people should be immensely proud of your government. 

“Samoa is a remote place and I am amazed with how things are going right now. However I am a little worried about the long term with the presence of the Chinese in Samoa. 

Mr. Webb also commented on how the Chinese is taking over some parts of the world. 

“Like here in Samoa, Sheraton was bought by the Chinese, it is the same in Australia. We want the Chinese to buy our land, we want them to buy our businesses but in reality we don’t want them, we just want their money,” he said giggling.

“But sadly that is the reality of today, but it’s not just Samoa, it also in our hometown in Australia.”

By Joyetter Luamanu 26 December 2017, 12:00AM

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