SSAB recognises 18 employees for their loyalty

By Yolanda Lavata’i 09 December 2018, 12:00AM

Eighteen Samoa Stationaries and Book (SSAB) staff have been recognised for their service as part of the company’s 10 years anniversary celebrations. 

Each awardee got a trophy and a Tahitian ring.

Staff member Filemu Urima from Vaitele-uta started working at SSAB in 2009 and reminisced on the good times and the blessings that came with it. 

“I used to work at Citymart for five years and my hourly rate was never at $4 or $5 an hour but when I started working with Tofilau I started at $5.00.

“I thank Tofilau Fiti Lafaele-Leung Wai for the opportunity that she gave me so I could work in this company, which has helped me grow so much through various blessings that I received.

“Even though I have no riches to pay back all that you have done, but may our heavenly father continues to bless you with strength, good health so that you may continue to work with honesty and goodness,” she said.

Filemu said she was able to purchase land and also helped to build a house for a family member.

Another staff member, Asomua Asia Stanley, said that the relationship with Tofilau centered in the significance of the glorification and praise towards the Lord.

“Seven years ago, I had so many objectives, goals and aspirations and one of them were for everyone to know who I am and of course I did not have any help from anyone.

“But that all changed when I started working for Tofilau, and now everyone knows who I am.

“I am happy to share that she is a person that gives chances and opportunities to enhance and provide a platform for your talents to be used.

“Tofilau did not care about what people said that I was the first fa’afafine to be the face of any company.

“It was her good and caring heart that she saw everyone as equals and would not judge despite what other’s opinions might be.

“I thank her for everything that she has done for me and I even bought two cars in the span of five years at such a young age,” Asomua said.

The president and Chief Executive Officer of SSAB, Tofilau Fiti Lafaele-Leung Wai dedicated the success of their company to God.

“We must always give thanks and praise to God in everything we do and the success of this company is through the Lord’s blessings.

 “As you are all well aware, our company has a prayer room and it is used mainly for prayers but it also showcases our great respect towards our Heavenly Father.

“I would also like to acknowledge the never ending support and advice of my husband, Aumua Ming Leng Wai, because if he did not support my work—this company would not be at the current stage that it’s in,” she added. 

“I thank my management team and staff because it is not a work I can do on my own, it is a labor that must be done with the help of everyone. I appreciate and thank God for all of you. 

“This had been all your hard work that has kept the company going up to ten years which is considered a milestone,” she added.

 She added that it was a day to honor those that walked with her in her journey and made it possible to commemorate the 10 year milestone.

By Yolanda Lavata’i 09 December 2018, 12:00AM

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