In support of the Minister of Revenue

Dear Editor, 

I am all for the Minister of Revenue in his plan to tax pastors.

These Pastors should pay taxes to avoid them getting chronic disease, that’s a great effort.

And who said they represent God? That’s kaufa’afefe, soia koe kau faasese. 

Kakou uma kagaka and this is a big problem in our country now that we believe that Christianity is the only true religion, it’s just in Samoa, other places in the world, have their own beliefs. 

Can we just focus on developing our roads and the many potholes.  The road to my place is terrible, they tarseal just either their friends or church members.

Anyway focus on dealing with corruption. And stop changing things all the time. A fa’asa fa’asa kaavale kauagavale ia koe fa’akaga pei gi malo ogi vale. 

Anything they want to do, if that doesn’t satisfy them, then destroy it. They make laws and they also break laws. Can we also focus on street kids, still far too many roaming around town after hours. So many rapists, thieves, murderers, so much nepotism. 

I like what Mohammad Dan Stanley said, the prison here is full of Christians but the biggest problem in our country now is one family is running the whole show. 

We also need to need to check the conflict of interest in relation to these appointments. In some Ministries, the C.E.O could be either cousins or nieces or uncles and aunties and maybe friends that voted for them or the Minister picks their own from their own constituencies to become C.E.O or A.C.E.O.

It will be interesting to find out the percentage of C.E.Os related to some of our leaders and see whether they are the right people to become C.E.Os or they have different qualifications. 

One time I asked my son whether he would apply for one C.E.O position in government and his response was, they already have someone to fill in before they called for the interview. 

I was so sad because even our children can see through all this nepotism. 

Ia koaga avaku kagaka ga paloka ia oe e kuai a ae fai mai e le gi mea a se kou aiga o afu o Samoa. 

Have a nice day 




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