Handyman’s mission to care for his family

By Sina Filifilia Seva’aetasi 21 April 2017, 12:00AM

Timo Iosua from the village of Alafua has a mission.

The 28-year-old said he was placed on this earth to look after his family.

 “I don’t just sit at home and waste time,” he said. 

“I know my family depends on me. I know that without working hard and honestly, my family will suffer.”

Timo is a handy man. 

“This is what I do to earn money. I clean my sister’s place and maintain the land.

“My everyday life at home is to help my family survive, and if I have time I also help with the house chores. I am my family’s biggest help and I work hard to do what I can to provide for those I love.” 

Timo said he is blessed to be able to help.

“To me, I like doing my best to server my family, and when it comes to family, serving them is most important. 

When asked about any issues in the area, Timo said that the only problems they have come about when people abuse alcohol.

“This is normal around the town area. Other than that, there aren’t any problems we face.” 

His final words for people of his generation?

“Please make use of our time and energy.

 “Always remember we won’t always be with our parents and families forever.  

“It is time for us to use our minds and work for our families because they need help.   You are responsible for your own future, not anyone else. 

 “Whatever job you’ve given, work hard and do it with honesty.” 

By Sina Filifilia Seva’aetasi 21 April 2017, 12:00AM
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