Why your two sene economics don’t work

Dear Editor,


I write in response to Vai Autu’s letter titled “Some makeki common sense.” To compound on the obese culture of micro or small minded economics at the makeki Vai, with this selfish culture of mine, mine, mine ... who’s getting the real profit? The controllers or the watchers of this world? 

We are not allowed to have a decision; the decision is already been made for us. We’re not allowed to be free of debts because being free means no controllers. 

Where do you think the real profit goes if there were three or maybe four competing airlines into our small market? 

How can fares be lower if the two principle operators with resources far more then our vocabulary could uttered have already decided on the profit margin they’re gonna siphoned out of our people, two, three years ago? 

The whole idea behind the lower prices on the face value is to force the weak component of the market into submission so the two stronger sibling can control who gets to trade and who gets to breed. 

Go watch national geographic on TV. The lessons of trading there are far more real then the obese culture of eat, eat, eat you’re trying to sell with your 2 sene economics. 

We were not allowed to have an airline because it throws the spanner into the already calculated profit margin Virgin and ANZ have worked out from us. This doesn’t mean that our airline is the answer to our 2 billion tala debt, but it means we get to decide how we gonna expound our fate. 

It’s called patriotism, another new word which maybe you can help explain to your ava friends at the makeki, that life is not about sitting down at the ava bowl at the makeki and eat, eat, eat...but to fan the spirit of a people to be identify. 

Remember the ava Samoa a few years go when it was declared a health hazard by the trading powers of the world? 

That was because a primitive product from these small islands were too incidental that they couldn’t figure out how to profit from it. Now that it’s a commodity and they are ok with it. 

The small savings of a few dollars to individual pockets that we may have from cheaper airfares for a few months from your ‘2 sene competition economics’ is vastly offset by us having a voice on where to put and sell our taro. 

Why did you think when the government built a brand new makeki at Vaitele and no one wants to go and sell their produce there?   They would rather weathered the elements at the corner streets of Fugalei with their produce then the shelter of Vaitele. Why is that? 

Because the economics of self-identity is far more powerful then 2 sene economics. It is natural for humans to be belonging to a homestead, to have a voice in their affairs, to be the self or their own fate. That’s the catalyst that binds the soul of a people in confidence. That’s where the real profit is. 

You don’t get to understand these economics Vai at the ava bowl at the makeki. You live the life and practice a belief.

Our message all along is to fan the flames of a people in spirit, to be confident in who we are. A confident son is usually a successful son and it’s never about 1+1 = 2 economics you’re trying to educate us with. Already learn that before you were born.



Steve R.

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