Thanks for the laughs Mr. Hollywood

Dear Editor,

My friends at the makeki always find your letters Hollywood amusing and of great entertainment value. 

I would encourage you to write regularly because you are our only source of amusement every time we read your letters. 

Not only are they full of factual errors but they always contain false bravado and empty rhetoric. This one is no different.

My question to you is this. Since you live in Brisbane and Tala Pauga allegedly threw the pigs head at the PM over there in your territory why didn’t you confront him and let him know that you’re the PM’s biggest defender? 

Now that King Faipopo is behind bars here in Samoa, you suddenly have the courage to write these provocative words. 

I challenge you to confront King Faipopo when he finishes serving whatever punishment the court deem fit to give him and come back to Australia. 

Tell you what, I am happy to organise a public debate between you and King Faipopo in Brisbane at which you can tell him yourself everything you have put in your letter. 

I wonder who is going to take off first and who is the fastest. I think the selection of our sprinter for the South Pacific Games will have to wait until the outcome of that duel!

Now to one of the factual errors and embellishments in your letter. I am not confident that you voted in the 2016 election given your residency in Australia but let’s put that aside. 

Hollywood, 99.9% of Samoans did not vote for the HRPP in the 2016 elections. I know mathematics, in particular statistics, is not one of your strongest suit but let me try and explain the election results in simple terms as part of your general education. 

According to that reliable source Wikipedia (ha ha) about 45,000 (39.3%) of people voted for the HRPP Party at the last election. 

Data from the Samoan electoral office shows that around 10,000 people voted for the Tautua Party. The remainder voted for independent candidates all of whom joined the HRPP Party upon entering Parliament. 

In a roundabout way, you can say with some degree of confidence that the majority of Samoans voted for those who ended being part of HRPP. That is statistically correct and I would never have laughed at you if you had written that. 

But please don’t use proportions and percentages when you have little knowledge of what they stand for or mean.

Have a g’day Hollywood and thanks for the laughs.


Vai Autu 

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