Why Samoa will never change

Dear Editor

Re: Why I’m staying in Samoa   

Well said, Wendy! You’ve always has a passion for what’s right. As you’ve seen it done in other places. 

You get the likes of others bumping their gums week in and week out about what’s wrong with Samoa (exactly what you say) and nothing’s done about the problems; revolving editorials. 

You say something about all the wrongs but you’re not supposed to in their eyes. The contradictions in that place were so far apart we couldn’t live there. It’s a dangerous place. 

Full of thugs that make you live in a cage and as you found out, you’re still not safe anywhere in that country. There seem to be no pockets of complete harmony and goodness. 

Keep it up – don’t let them grind you down. Watch them change their tune if you start to bring tourists in to the place that bring money with them. 

They won’t care if you rob the tourists blind, you’ll be protected because of the money you’re bringing into the country. There’s a great twisted mentality in that place and I’m glad I’m not there anymore. Dangerous religious fanatics. 

Anyone who contradicts that statement, I say have a good look in the paper – daily! Same old, same old! Democracy? What democracy? 

Corruption, maniacs with bush knives, incest, thefts at all levels of society, fathers doing things to daughters, some very young daughters, people bashed to death, rapes by the score, pressure from fathers to make their children steal in the work place. It’s a sick place. 

Contradiction - most certainly with the things you said. The south coast; lots of good people, but not enough incentive to stop the bad. 

As I heard one day in a hotel from a visiting businessman to another “It’s a pity Samoans own the place, as it is so beautiful, I wonder what’s wrong with them to be so violent and backward.” 

And you can’t keep blaming the poor. 

Most poor people don’t steal or maim others. Having said that, the existing government is a disgrace for being in power for so long, ignoring the poor and not improving their lot, Heartless, selfish b******s! 

They should be taking more notice of you, not rubbishing you, as outsiders can see more clearly than they can. We should all give up. The place will never change – just get worse.


Larry Murphy

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