Being productive with spare time

By Vatapuia Maiava 21 December 2016, 12:00AM

With Christmas now just a few days away, Seila Sefo, from the village of Faleasi’u, says the best Christmas present for her this year is to be able to help her family.

Since the 16-year-old is on her school break, she has been doing her best with her chores to take some weight off of her parent’s shoulders.

Spotted weeding the grass on the roadside, Seila says she is just happy to finally help out her parents.

“I am just grateful to finally get some rest from school,” she told the Village Voice.

“Even though I am on my break, I try and help out around the house and make the most of my spare time. I have no interest in mucking around because I have to stay home and help my parents out.

“Doing chores with my spare time is a true gift now that I don’t have any school work to do.”

During the school period, Seila is told by her parents not to do chores but to focus on her school work.

But now that she has some free time, she has been trying her best to be productive every day.

“My daily routine ever since school finished is to clean up the house, wash the dishes, pick up rubbish around the house and many other chores,” she said.

“This morning, our task is to pull the grass and then we move onto our next chore for the day. I do this because I understand how important it is to help out my parents.

“And besides, there’s not much else to do but sit around at home.”

So until school starts up again, it’ll be just chores, chores, chores for Seila.

“When school starts up again, my parents will make me focus on my school work and leave the chores to my mother,” she said.

“I do get told off a lot when I don’t do my chores properly but that’s just how it is for us Samoans. I also get told off for wasting time walking along the road.

“But I know that all those words she uses while telling me off is just her showing her love for me.”

 Not only does her hard work help her parents, it’s also a personal win for Seila seeing the end result of her tasks.

“I can’t wait to finish pulling the grass so that my parents can come and see how great it looks,” she said.

“Another great thing about doing chores is learning how it’s done. When I grow up I know that these different skills will come in handy.

“We have no plans for Christmas other than just to be happy as a family.”

By Vatapuia Maiava 21 December 2016, 12:00AM

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