Women come to the rescue

By Vatapuia Maiava 11 September 2016, 12:00AM

The Mulifanua Women’s Village Committee has had enough of waiting for the government to address the issue on water in the area and has taken matters into their own hands.

Plighted by months-long water cuts and only getting a small window at inconvenient times to get water, the Committee has done their part and provided 41 families with their own water tanks.

The project which was spearheaded by 69-years-old committee President Fa’alelupe Pepe Su’a, has brought much joy to families all over the village.

“We had our monthly village committee meeting when I returned from New Zealand and I found out that my village was having trouble with water,” she told the Village Voice yesterday.

“The water would be cut for a very long time and it only comes on in the early hours of the morning. So we decided during our meeting that we would withdraw some money from the committee’s bank account to help.

“Our village committee saved up to $131,000 and once we found the best price which my husband and I found at Vaitele, we purchased 41 straight away.

“We have already distributed most of the tanks but we still need to give out just a few more. When we’re done with the 41 tanks then we will look at others who are in real need of the tank.”

The committee made sure the tanks were distributed fairly to families who were in real need of them.

“We started distributing the tanks further in-land and we made our way to the seaside,” Fa’alelupe said.

“We gave them to people with absolutely no water sources, old people, the sickly, and those who are in desperate need of it. We had our priorities and went through with this project.

“The only thing the family needs to do is provide their own water tank stand.”

According to Fa’alelupe, there was no greater joy for than to be able to help. She also expressed how the committee was tired of waiting for answers from requests to the government and red cross so they decided that it was time for action.

The committee will not stop here, they will act again after seeing who else really needs the tanks.

“After this year, we will see who else is in desperate need of a water tank,” Fa’alelupe said.

“The government has not assisted us at all with the water; this is all the committees work for the people of the village.”

“They did help almost 10 years ago where they provided a few water tanks, but ever since then they haven’t shown any interest in helping.”

“We are still having problems with water but at least the families have their water tanks now. Water is life.”

By Vatapuia Maiava 11 September 2016, 12:00AM

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