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By Ivamere Nataro 25 January 2018, 12:00AM

At the Manusina Beach Fales was American couple, Tessa and Josh Jackson. 

When the Dear Tourist team met them by the beach, we learned that they had just arrived from Apia, after spending the past two weeks in Savai’i.

“We’ve been here for three weeks and we absolutely love it,” Tessa said enthusiastically when asked about what they thought of Samoa. 

“We’re here with a couple of local friends who have been excellent and so is the tour guide, they’re from Savai’i and we’ve been there for the past few weeks and it’s just been amazing,” she added. 

“I like it everywhere, they’re all beautiful,” Josh said, noting it was their first time to Samoa. 

They’ve also been to some attraction sites, which they said were nothing compared to what they’ve seen before. 

“So far we’ve seen To Sua Trench, and yes that was really beautiful,” Josh said. 

“On the first day we went to the sliding rocks, that was a lot of fun and then the trench,” Tessa said laughing when she realised Josh had already said the trench. 

The couple is in the country with three Samoan brothers from Savai’i who worked with them in California.

“We took a tour around the whole of Savai’i,” Josh said. 

“We went around the whole perimeter,” Tessa added. 

“We haven’t taken a tour around the whole of Upolu. Not all of it though, but some of it. We went to Apia and we just got here, on this side of the island,” Josh said. 

With the three weeks spent in Samoa, the couple has developed a taste for local food. 

“We’ve tasted local food, we love the oka,” Josh said. 

“Oka, yum and I could eat taro all day every day,” Tessa said with a grin. 

With their time here, they’ve also tried to master the Samoan language. 

“We’ve learnt a little bit of the local language,” Josh said. 

“Talofa,” Tessa added. “Fa,” Josh said. 

“So there you go, welcome and goodbye,” Tessa said laughing. 

Living with three brothers also taught them about the value of family in the Samoan culture. 

“We love the culture and everybody has been really friendly,” Josh said. 

“We work with a family of Samoan guys out in California and they are three brothers and they just have a really great bond that they always come back here to take care of mum and family,” Tessa added. 

“The bond of family is really amazing, it’s something that lacks in the States,” Josh said. 

“And the best thing so far is just hanging with friends and feeling like family and driving seeing people’s home,” Tessa added. 

“Definitely swimming in the ocean,” Josh said. 

Their visits to Hawai’i and Fiji are nothing compared to Samoa, with the friendly people, the natural scenery and culture, these were just a few of the things they look forward to every morning. 

“We didn’t really spend a lot of time in Fiji, so Samoa is definitely a favourite so far,” Josh said. 

“Definitely Samoa,” Tessa added. 

Being accustomed to the Samoan way of life in their short stay, the couple has something to say about Samoa’s unique beauty. 

“Keep it the way it is, it’s definitely beautiful, love the feeling of not being overwhelmed by tourism,” Josh said. 

“I think they should keep it here, Keep it simple, simple is the way to go,” Tessa added. 

“Having amazing things to see to is nice,” Josh added. 

Plans to return? 

“Oh yeah,” Josh said without hesitation. 

“Absolutely, we’ve got plans to come back to Savai’i for sure,” Tessa added. 

The couple is soon to bid farewell to Samoa, and they both agreed that Samoa is a gorgeous and relaxing destination. 

“Thank you, we love you, your home is beautiful, keep it going, keep it traditional and beautiful,” Tessa said. 

By Ivamere Nataro 25 January 2018, 12:00AM

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