The so-called Christian Samoans

Dear Editor,

Re: Tony’s stolen phone

Tony I feel sorry for you and share your pain for I have also been the subject of theft. People are reluctant to talk about this subject, especially when you talk about the behavioural aspects of the so-called Christian Samoans. 

We would rather sweep this issue under the carpet and pretend that everything is rosy in paradise. Well it isn’t and what happened to you has happened, too often in my view, in our society.

There are a number of issues covered in your letter and I would like to touch on one, namely to put forward an inadequate and simple explanation for the reason why people steal. 

I think some people steal because they are poor and cannot afford the goods they see advertised on television and on radio. 

The price of these conspicuous consumption items like mobile phones is beyond the reach of many people. This doesn’t mean that they don’t want them and if an opportunity were to present itself then they would grab the items.

I would like to be naïve and hope that if people were well off then everybody would have access to phones like yours and nobody would want your phone. 

This is unlikely to happen any time soon. In fact things are getting worse in paradise and the gap between the haves and the have-nots is widening and theft of items like your phone will become a daily occurrence. 

Samoa is quickly getting to the stage where it is becoming immune to complaints like yours. I think this is sad and a great shame but probably inevitable.

I would like to offer you a Christian word of consolation but it would sound hollow and meaningless given your feelings on this matter.


Vai Autu

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