Vaa-o-Fonoti voters push F.A.S.T. for hospital promise

A Va’a o Fonoti voter has called on the Fa’atuatua I le Atua Samoa ua Tasi (F.A.S.T.) party to revive what they say is a desperately needed local hospital 

Villagers of Va’a o Fonoti – which is made up of Saletele, Sauago, Lona, Ma’asina, Musumusu, Salimu, Samamea, Taelefaga and Uafato – filled the political party’s roadshow event on Saturday to greet and ask the party members questions in person.

(The party’s practice of hosting roadshows began earlier this month, three months out from the general election and invited the community to make contributions to the party’s manifesto.)

And on Saturday Va’a o Fonoti held the opposition party to their word, making requests for additions to the party’s policy platform. 

The first audience member to speak, Fata Luaano Leausa, said that Fagaloa’s isolation, required the revival of the Musumusu hospital to serve the area, especially for emergencies. 

“The constituency has no hospital; many of them get blocked on their way to the Anoama’a [district hospital] then they go all the way to the hospital in Lalomanu, if shut, they go all the way to Apia,” he said.

“But with the [F.A.S.T.] you have listed the health of the people as your priorities, and so if you win after the general election, the hospital for the constituency of Fagaloa is what I am praying for to be on your list of priorities.”

The father from Ma’asina also suggested the political party should consider having a sole candidate from the Vaa o Fonoti constituency to ensure the party’s votes aren’t weakened due to splitting. 

The new political party is putting up two candidates for Va’a o Fonoti. They are Fauo’o Fatu Tielu and Logo Pelenato Lavata’i.

Another attendee, Vainiu Taumafai Malutoa, from Sauano advised the party not to forget about their supporters after the election.

“Personally my full support is with F.A.S.T., given you also give your all for us,” she said.

“Honesty is the best thing we ask of you should you make it into Government, and as a straightforward mother’s advice, as La’auli has spoken, may you never wind up your windows after election without a single wave.

“Remember people like me who will be voting for you. Praise be to God if all these plans are made a reality […] but my wish is for my children and the children of my children to live happily in the future.”

F.A.S.T. candidate, Logo, an educator of more than 30 years and former school Principal appealed to the constituency for their trust.

He assured that they will care for their constituency as best they can should they choose to give their vote for F.A.S.T.

Fauo’o, the former head of Polynesian Airlines, said that should F.A.S.T. attain Government after the election, Fagaloa will benefit from better road infrastructure between Apia and the constituency.

He said party priorities include fixing the road from Musumusu to Saletele as well as improving roads between Sauano and Falefa to provide villagers with alternative routes when travelling to Apia.

Fauo’o added that fixing the roads is an opportunity for Fagaloa businesses to survive and thrive through visitors, especially tourists and hoteliers, travelling through the constituency to witness the beauty of Fagaloa.

He believes it is a possible source of income for the villages.

A continuous supply of clean water running into Fagaloa households was also raised by Fauo’o who said that despite many rivers and streams in the area, some families still lack drinking water. 

“This is where the Government’s help is needed to build a water catchment area and facilities to filter the water safe for the consumption in the villages,” he said.

Improving education for Fagaloa villages was also on the candidates’ policy priorities; both said they would ensure improvements are achieved.

“I personally can vouch for the crucial need to ensure the standard of education in our constituency is improved,” said Fauo’o.

“Not only does it lift the standard of living in families but also the knowledge in the importance of health and [relations with our] people overseas. 

“There are villages with schools that need better school buildings as others need teachers, but these are all the areas we will look into should F.A.S.T. stand after the election.”

Fauo’o agreed that the constituency needed a hospital saying the Musumusu hospital needs to be revived.

“If you have not made up your mind on whether you should vote for F.A.S.T., you should visit your Church Minister, maybe he will help you hear the whisper from the Holy Spirit that you should vote for F.A.S.T.,” he said.


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