Celebration and relaxing, Samoa the right place for both

By Anina Kazaz 19 May 2018, 12:00AM

Meet Helen Dalzell and Donald Barrance. 

The couple chose Samoa to celebrate Donald’s 60th birthday.

They do not have anything special planned for the celebration because for them every day spent in Samoa is a celebration.

Dear Tourist met the two New Zealanders brushing through the busy market in town.

They shared that Samoa is one of the places they haven’t visited in the Pacific, so they had to come. 

Donald has been to Fiji about five times and Helen has been to Vanuatu, Fiji and the Cook Islands. 

 “The weather is one reason we are fascinated by the Pacific area,” Helen said. 

The purpose of their stay is on one hand an escape from the cold weather back home, and the other to take a break. 

 “It is just a week of break,” Donald explained.  

 “From what I’ve experienced, the people here are really friendly. What I enjoy here is there is not a lot of pressure on you when you go out. 

 “In Bali for example, they drain you to buy things. The Samoans, to be honest, are very laid back and don’t put pressure on you.”

Compared to other Pacific Islands, Helen has been to, Samoa is a bit different.

 “It is definitely less commercialised here. If you want to do something, it is your choice they don’t put pressure on you.

 “We went to the Piula Caves and when we arrived, there was a group of Americans, one of them said Samoa is like Hawai’i 10 years ago and we both agreed that this is a good thing,” she shared.

Helen and Donald are staying at the Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa for six nights.

They spent Mother’s Day down at the beach.

 “It has been really romantic,” Donald said.

Both of them agreed that they like the island atmosphere.

The only thing they miss is the variety of things that they can do.

 “We just had to get used to it. We had to ask a lot before the people come to us,” Helen said.

 “It is something really simple but for example, we are used to having eggs for breakfast, then we see someone else having it. 

 “They did not actually tell us that there would be eggs as well. It is just the little things that make the difference. 

 “But of course this is okay, it is maybe more like a part of the culture, how the people are,” Donald added.

All in all their stay here has been relaxing and enjoyable.

 “We had the umu, which was really cool,” Helen said.

 “I love the place, it is great here,” Donald added. 

They are definitely thinking of returning. 

By Anina Kazaz 19 May 2018, 12:00AM
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