Patience, something will give

Dear Editor,

Re: A bunch of hypocrites 

I will have to say “Only fools rush in…” 

It’s not like the world will end tomorrow, change can only be achieved when good information is shared with the majority. 

This is a good medium for sharing that information; you cannot jump in their trying to fight corruption and white-collar crimes when the majority are clueless about corruption and white collar crimes. 

Not even the Ombudsman understands corruption and white-collar crime so unless they understand corruption and white-collar crime, any other attempt to bring change will be very futile. 

Patience is the key here, these politicians are devoted Church going Christians with families. Posting their inadequacies for the world to see must be stirring up emotions around the dinner table.

 I know they’re laughing at the moment but deep inside their consciences must be struggling to contain the pain of realising that corruption is actually a crime like the O.P.C Report 2010 and those passports. 

A guilty conscience is a burden psychologically, so they must be really struggling inside every time they go to church with their families. We have to start somewhere; there is no better starting point than working on their conscience. The father, the mother, the sons and the daughters, something will give.

Le Mafa P

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