The church and the state

Dear Editor,

Church and state are inseparable like criminals and police. 

They both need each other. 

Why? Church is where we go for a moral tune up and the state is where we go to pay our taxes. 

Church will accept your money because that’s what keeps the church operating.

You don’t believe me go and ask the Pope. 

Money and people are the two entities that the keep the church and stay close like a marriage. 

The Church isn’t exempt from receiving money and the state is definitely going to ask for your receipts. 

You can call it tithing or mea alofa but the bottom line is that it requires a giver and a receiver. It requires money. I don’t know if money is the root of all evil but it sure helps the church and state pay the bills. 

What do you think?


M. Uhila

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