Samoa trip a dream come true for Japanese visitors

People create aspirations as a guideline to direct their paths on where they will head to next.

Reaching the boarders of Samoa is nothing more than a dream coming true for best friends, Ayaka Makamura and Marina Matsuoka.

“We have been curious to visit Samoa in such a long time,” said Ayaka. “This is why we chose Samoa to be our final destination for our holiday, a place that we both have been keen to have a look at. It has been a dream come true to come here,” said Ayaka.

Travelling from Japan to Australia, then Cook Islands and now to the heart of the Pacific, she is happy to be here.

“We are both from Japan but Marina lives in Japan and I live in Australia. We travelled in Australia for two weeks. Went to Cook Islands and the last destination is Samoa. It feels good to be here and to also be able to explore,” Ayaka told Dear Tourist yesterday.

It was their passion in Polynesian dance that made them want to know more about the Polynesian culture. It was also during dancing that Ayaka made friends with some Samoans.

The 29-year-old said she heard about Samoa through her friends who came to Samoa before. 

Their description of how beautiful Samoa was sparked excitement.

“For so long I have heard from some friends on how beautiful Samoa was, which is why we wanted to come. One thing for sure my friends were right, Samoa is beautiful. 

“I wanted to come to Samoa long time ago and then I met Marina and she wanted to come and then we both booked our flights to come to Samoa,” she said.

Ayaka couldn’t help but stand in adoration at how the Samoan people wear their traditional clothing even though there was no special occasion. 

“We have a kimono, our traditional wear. But we barely wear it, only on special occasions like a wedding or only in summertime when we have a summer kimono. 

‘But we don’t really use it only on special occasions, but what I love about here is that everyone always wear the lavalava or their two piece matching clothing for the women,” she added.

She believes that it is a good thing that the Samoan people still embrace their island wear and Polynesian colours.

“I think it is a beautiful thing that the people of Samoa still wear their lavalava with so much confidence. That is why I like the culture here.”

Ayaka has also mentioned that it is not just the culture that she is amazed with; it is the people as well, which is why she is thankful to be here.

“It is so beautiful here, the people are very friendly and the food is nice too. Thank you for everything, especially to the people who have helped us.”

The friends will be leaving this Sunday, but they are excited to spend some time in Lalomanu and buy some handicraft work as souvenirs before returning to their homeland.

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